New Goals…

I’m a big fan of numbers.  Some of my favorites are 18 for my birthday…99 for Wayne Gretzky…and 13 for various sports players I have adored in the past.  SO…these numbers have all come together for my new goal.   There are just about 18 weeks left in this year.  I plan on weighing 199 on 1/1/13.  So…99 on 13 in 18 is on!!!!!

It’s an average of 7 pounds per month for me.  That’s TOTALLY do able!!!!!  I’m truly excited by this new goal.


I love feeling strong…

I have been getting my 10000 step each weekday in since July 9th now…and I’m down 12 pounds!  I am so excited that now when I walk I push forward instead of slogging along.  It’s amazing what our bodies can do when we push ourselves.  Just wonder…why is it so hard to push so often? 

Another thought I had while doing my first walk of the day was that what your body/mouth wants isn’t what your body needs.  Sure…food may taste super duper duper yummy and I may want more…but that’s not what my body needs.  It will taste good next time too.  Really trying to gain control over my mind in this life long battle.

Enjoy your day all!

Felt good…

Had a meeting to go to today and saw someone who hadn’t seen me in awhile.  She said, “You’ve lost weight, you look great.”  I was a bit shocked…as I haven’t lost that much yet.  😉  But it did feel good…put a little extra spring in my step.  This week I’ve been making a lot of great food choices.  I should be able to keep it up over the weekend too.  I’m happy now…happy to be doing the work that it takes to take care of me.

Been a long time!

Didn’t think I would even remember the password.  But have started my journey back up and realized that when I lost 40 pounds in 2010 that I held myself accountable here.  So, I’m back.  I’m walking…I’m calorie counting and I’m eating better.  Making the same types of choice that I did in ’10.  I have re-read all my posts and realize that I can simply continue where I left off.  So much has gone on in the time I’ve been away.  Much stress but thankfully even more happiness.  So…I started again on July 9th and I was 241.2 and this morning I was 232.0.  I am very excited to see what this new chapter in my adventure brings.


How I look back at what I write and still haven’t had the action I describe.  Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself.  I’ve been stuck between 222 and 218 for a few months now.  Come on Bear…time to take that action!!! 


I think the weather changing just enough here in the Pacific NW to just rainy instead of rainy and cold is enough motivation to get me out on my daily walks again.  I know I need to get moving more and more.  Tonight I am actually going to go swim at the Y too.  It’s been since August that I have gone swimming. Crazy!  I just need to re-work my routines at home to allow me to get my workouts in.  Sorry kiddos…you’re gonna have to have more time away from home.  Simple as that.  171 days unti the Tri.  🙂

OK…who am I?

I can’t believe this…my coworkers just convinced me (it wasn’t hard) to do a Try a Tri in July!!!!  OMG  I can’t believe I said yes…but I have 7 months to get ready.  Day one is NOW…I better do some sort of some work out tonight!!!  Here we go!  Really.

Out with the old, in with the new!

Well, Happy 2011 everyone!   I’m sorry to say, I didn’t hit my goal of ending 220 or lower, but it wasn’t bad at all.  My final weigh in was 222.0 so I lost 38 pounds in 2010.  I’m thrilled that I haven’t given up on myself and that I plan on continuing this journey for as long as it takes and then some!  As…this journey will last a lifetime.  Gotta do it this time!  

So…out with the old.  I was given some money for Christmas for clothes shopping.  I was so so so excited when I tried on 20’s and they were TOO BIG!  I had been wearing 24/22’s and I bought 18’s in pants and 18/20 and 2xl in shirts.  Just amazing to me!  In with the new.  Now to purge the closet and donate the too large items, as I’m not going back.  Gotta do it this time!  See…there’s a purpose this time.  It’s ME. 

Hope everyone has had some time to reflect on what worked last year and what didn’t.  May 2011 bring us all success in whatever we choose to do.

So…holiday maintenance plan.

I just decided this morning that as long as I end the year at 220 or under I’ll be happy.  That would be a successful 40 pound drop from the year before.  I will get going again on my good routines in January…sooner if at all possible.  I really need to get my butt back in the pool at the Y.  Loved that time.  Maybe I’ll see about swim lessons for my daughter again.  Any way…I was a new low for myself today which made me happy.  I’m going to a Christmas Dinner tonight…so I hope I behave myself and use all the good self talk I can to keep me from eating too much.  Any way.  Here’s to good choices!

SW/260.0 CW 218.4/GW 113.0

Great weekend!

I had the most delightful weekend.  Spent the time at my folks house…went and got our tree on Saturday morning.  Saturday night was my company party where I did NOT over induldge in anything besides dancing.  And…my feet are still not too happy with the 3 hours I spent on the dance floor!  Then Sunday brought a christmas cruise and some really good times with my kids.  Just typing this has put a huge smile on my face again.  It really was great!  Monday’s not been too bad either!