Back to the old drawing board

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I’m back on this site after a gap of 5 years. Gosh! Has it been so long? Where did the years go by? I’m older, hopefully a little wiser and a little fatter. (A lot fatter actually!) As per my last post, I was 167 lbs. Today I’m at 177 lbs. That’s 10 whole pounds fatter. In the last few years my weight has yo-yoed like nobody’s business. At one point, I’d gone up to 187. Thankfully, I lost a little of that.
I’m starting again. And hopefully, this blog will be my friend as it has been in the past. I had made a lot of friends here five years back. I hope they’ve managed to achieve their weight goals and sustained it. But if they haven’t, I wish they would come back and join me in taking control of our lives.
If there’s one thing I’ve learnt in these five years, it’s that it is never too late. Never too late to make a change, never too late to start over and never too late to be who you’re meant to be.
So here’s to getting back and here’s to the 35 pounds I want to lose.
SW: 177 lbs
GW: 142 lbs

It’s as simple as that

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It’s amazing how time just flies. It seems like just the other day that I last posted. And that’s almost two months ago! I went for my holiday as planned. I had full intentions to get back to my disciplined life once I rejoined work, but I fell sick. And have been demotivated ever since. I feel sick and tired all the time. Mine is the kind of tiredness where I don’t feel sick enough to miss office (which means I am working long hard hours through the week) but I feel sick and tired enough to use it as an excuse. And yesterday I suddenly realised that it’s been two months. I paid A LOT of money for the gym and it’s getting wasted. So I finally pushed myself to hit the gym. And unsurprisingly, I feel so much better. Why don’t I get this into my head? I feel stupid. It’s something I re-learn every time. The truth is that I get stuck in this vicious circle. I feel tired so I don’t exercise and then I feel even more tired. And all I need to do is exercise. It’s as simple as that. Stupid stupid me!

Weight today: 163 lbs

Next weight goal is to go below 160 lbs by Sept 1. I can do it. I can. I can.

Disciplining myself to be disciplined

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Well hello. It’s a new week, again. I’d wanted to get back to action starting today. But I didn’t manage to get to the gym this morning. I slept only after 1:00 am and while I woke up at 6:30 am today morning with the intent of going to the gym, my body refused. It’s been a tough last week. I was at an official function till 10 pm last night and while I could have managed to get to bed earlier than I did, I didn’t. So my commitment to myself this week is to be disciplined.

My weight is more or less steady at 164 lbs. It fluctuates up and down one pound. I guess that’s acceptable.

I really do want to get to my goal end weight of around 135 lbs. But that daunts me. That’s like 30 more lbs to lose! I think I would be ok with 143 lbs. But that would not leave me any scope for fluctuations. A little holiday weight and I’ll be in the overweight range. 

I know that I have lost a decent amount of weight in the last 9 months. I have. And it’s showing. But I really do want to be at my desired weight soon. I know its up to me. I have not really been disciplined about food or exercise the last month and a half. I better get my act together. Like, now. Wish me luck guys.

Committing hara-kiri

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The last 10 days have been horrible (discipline-wise). Oh I’ve had fun. I’ve eaten foods that I’d not allowed myself for the last 8 months or so. And it seemed like a dam broke open. I knew it would be a difficult month. First I had the work trip and then my brother was in town for 5 days, which meant our favourite meals at home. And I’d told myself that this month I would be ok with not losing any, as I’d lost a lot last month. So this month would be a maintenance month. And I ate and ate (but exercised to make up for the food excesses).  Unfortunately for me, 1.5 hrs of exercise in a day does not make up for gluttony for the rest of the day. And so, here I am 4 lbs heavier than I was at the beginning of the month. This is so sickening. I can’t believe that I did this to myself. This is hara-kiri. I knowingly let myself go. Now, I’m taking charge of my life again. I am back to being careful about food. And no cheating AT ALL. I’ve realised that a little cheating here and there adds up to a lot of cheating, which in turn adds up to 4 lbs!

Anyways, I have set myself up with 3 challenges- with my Dad, my friend S and my Bro.

The first is with my Dad. We’re competing for who gets to 74 kgs first (162.8 lbs). This bet has been on for a while. And I am hoping that now with my newly resolved will-power I shall achieve it by first week of May.

The next challenge is with my friend S. Both of us have to lose weight. Though she has a lot less to lose. Our challenge is that we both lose around 10 pounds by June 26th (3 months from March 26th which was when we shook hands on the challenge). So I’m aiming for 154 lbs and she for 121 lbs. (She’s around 5 inches shorter than me)

The third and last challenge is with my brother. We both want to eventually lose around 20-25 lbs. So our challenge is who gets there first. My target is 143 lbs and his is 187 lbs. We’ve given ourselves till November. Which gives us enough time to realistically achieve our goals.

Phew! That’s three challenges I just have to win. And the ones with my Dad and my Bro are bets more than challenges. My father refused to bet anything. But with my Bro, we’ve agreed that whoever loses has to visit the other for a weekend/ holiday. With the increasing airfares, this is going to be one costly bet to lose!

The stats today:-

Weight: 169 lbs

Exercise: 50 mins cardio + abs + stretches + 15 mins walk to gym

(Didn’t just march but) Sailed through March

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March has been a fabulous month.

We all completed the Eileen’s March challenge FINALLY. I have earned a total of 59 stars. I had four cheat days and 5 days of absolutely no exercise. BUT I have lost more than 6.5 lbs in this month. That’s amazing for me as that’s the highest I have lost in a month where I didn’t crash diet.

My target was 168 lbs for April 1st. I am at 166 (I’d gone down to 165 but the scale has been showing 166 for the last couple of days)


Anyways, since I have been going faster than the targets I’d set for myself, I am re-looking at my weight loss targets for the next three months. Here goes:

May 1- 162.5

June 1- 158.5

July 1 – 154

Again, as always, I have not kept very ambitious targets. I am off for a three-day work related awards-fest where I will eat, drink, be merry (and come back a few pounds heavier I’m sure). Also, am planning a 2-week holiday in May-June, which will again mean no exercise and not much control/choice on food. So I really hope I can achieve my targets. Like I said my targets are very doable. And maybe if I have another good month like March, I’ll reach 154 lbs even before July 1.

🙂 I’m a happy girl today

Weight: 166 lbs

Exercise: 65 mins cardio  (arc + treadmill + cycle ) + 10 mins abs & stretches + 15 mins walk

Strange, but true

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Something is seriously wrong. I weighed in at 165 lbs. How on earth is it even possible?! There must be some trick somewhere. My scales are teasing me, playing a game. Tomorrow I’ll go back to 168 lbs or something and then I will be seriously depressed. It’ll be like letting the dog lick the biscuit and then taking it away. Arrrrgghhh!

But my God! 165! That’s 1 pound away from my May 1st target. And because I have been exercising I know the weight loss can’t be water loss or bone density loss (somebody told me that dieting causes bone density loss, don’t know if it’s correct). Anyways, which means that the weight I am seeing on the scales may actually be my weight. But even if it were my actually weight, it’ll be up next week. Sigh!

I am going for an advertising three-day awards fest next weekend (have I ever mentioned that I work in advertising?). Which means- three days of sun, sea, sand, lots of fattening food and lots of alcohol. It won’t just be difficult to maintain my diet, I won’t get any exercise either. Besides, I have been really looking forward to these three days. So I know I will indulge myself. I know it. I will have two nights of crazy partying. I sure deserve it. The last one year has been tough, personally and work-load wise. So yes, I do deserve to let my hair down for three days. But the only thing that’ll be down will be my hair. Am sure my weight will spiral right back to the late 160s. I am so torn between keeping up the weight-loss momentum and giving myself 3 days off. God help me!

Weight today: 165 lbs!!

Exercise: 30 mins cardio + 45 mins weights + stretches + 30 mins walks (to and fro from the gym)

Light at the end of the tunnel

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I am in shock. I weighed in at 167.5 lbs today morning. That’s lower than my April 1st target. I don’t know whether it is just weight fluctuation, but I don’t care. I am seeing numbers that I haven’t seen in a long time. Not to say that I truly don’t care. I do care. I hope I am not back to 170 tomorrow. But even if I am fluctuating and touching 167.5 it means that that has become range. And that’s simply wonderful. And to think that I was cribbing just the other day that the scales weren’t moving. There really is light at the end of the tunnel.

Weight: 167.5 lbs

Exercise: 30 mins cardio + 40 mins weights + stretches + 15 mins walk

Targets unattained

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Things were going really well this month and then something happened. I have been exercising and sticking to my food targets most of the month. (Eileen’s March challenge has helped tremendously). And I had started seeing results. I lost 2 pounds early on in the month. And that’s it. No further weight loss. I am at 169.5 lbs and my target for this month is 168. There is only one week to go. And though I am keeping my fingers crossed, I am getting a feeling that I am not going to achieve my target. Yet again. And it sucks. It’s not like I keep very high targets. Then why is the weight so difficult to get off. So ok, I have finally started gymming. So maybe, just maybe, I have gained some muscle weight. And so I am not seeing any overall weight loss. Sigh. It sucks, big time. I read on other people’s blogs that lose up to 10 pounds on a regular month. Why not me? What am I doing wrong? I can’t do more than this. I’d promised myself that I won’t kill myself trying to lose weight. Sigh! I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Weight: 169.5 lbs

Exercise: 35 mins cardio + 40 mins weights + stretches + 15 min walk

The 160s at last

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I weighed in at 169.5 pounds today. Yipeee! The 160s at last. Welcome welcome. I have been looking forward to you my dear friend for a long long time. Pls stay awhile. Not too long though, as I am looking forward to hosting the 150s.

On a serious note, I feel happy and light. And I am less than 2 pounds away from my April 1st target. And though I have worked hard for these last couple of pounds, I must admit that the credit largely goes to Eileen. There’s no way I would have been so serious about eating right and exercising if it wasn’t for the March challenge. So, thank you Eileen.

Weight today: 169.5 lbs

Exercise: 15 mins elliptical + 45 mins weights + 15 mins treadmill + stretches + 15 mins walk to gym (that means 1 and half stars for exercise!)

Back, recharged

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I am back. This time to stay, hopefully. I’ve not put on too much weight (thankfully) in the last couple of months. If anything, I’ve lost some. Am currently at 172 pounds. Lightest that I have been in many years. Since I am starting again after such a long time I am going to reassign my goals. So here goes my short term goal:

(March 1- 172 pounds)

April 1- 168 pounds

May 1- 164 pounds

Also, I’m finally getting serious about exercising. Yesterday I checked out the two gyms that are close to my place (walkable distance, long walks though). I liked one, though it’s much more expensive than the other. But it smelt nicer (yeah, I can be weird about such things) and I saw some good looking people (whatever will motivate me to get myself out of bed every morning). Tomorrow I’ll go for a trial. And Monday I start. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. I’m learning the Salsa (one hour per session, Saturdays and Sundays). Have completed two months. And though I may not have lost any weight, I sure have a skip in my walk. 🙂

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