The pleasure of being overlooked

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I have been crazy busy at work. It’s the same story as the last month (irregular at the gym, finding it hard to stick to diet). Thankfully I am so definite about losing the last 25 lbs that I know I will do it.  But what really helps me in keeping myself motivated is the people around me.

I have a funny incident to relate from last Friday. After a long hectic week I’d managed to meet up with D, an old friend and ex work colleague of mine. (Since we were both working till late we met only around 11:30 pm.) We went to a popular pub near my place for a drink or two. The evening started out on a good note. My friend complimented me on how much weight I’d lost since he last saw me. (The last time we met was in November when my weight was around 15 lbs more. Since then I’ve added a lot of muscle as well. So the difference must be very noticeable). Anyways, we were standing nursing a drink (I was too tired to even drink) when an ex-colleague of ours spotted D. She came over and started chatting with D and COMPLETELY ignored me. I was a little miffed at being ignored so blatantly so I tapped her and said Hi. She gave me a blank look and turned back to D asking him to introduce us. And D said, ‘you know her, that is S’. The girl’s reaction was beautiful (It plays in my head and I laugh every time). Her mouth dropped and she covered her face, typical beauty-queen-shock style. Finally when she spoke, she said that she simply could not recognise me. She complimented me on how much weight I’ve lost and that I should tell her how I managed to achieve such a miracle (not that she needs to lose any weight). To say the least, I forgave her instantly.

Like I said, the people around keep me going.

The weight keeps fluctuating. Today it was at 161.5 lbs.

Pleasant surprises

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Daily weigh-ins are not advisable, but who cares really! So I weighed myself today and surprise surprise, my weight settled in at around 176 pounds. And I was cribbing about it yesterday. This means that I may still be able to achieve my targets, and if not by Nov 1, I can certainly make up by Dec. So here’s looking forward to achieving targets and more.
Oh I must mention that am wearing a black top with an old skirt today at work, and when I emerged from my room in the morning my father looked at me so proudly and said that I was looking stunning. I love that word. Stunning!
And so my reason for today is…
Reason no 19.: So I can look stunning in my old (faded) clothes

Seventh week weigh-in

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My weight today is between 180.5 and 179.5 pounds. So we’ll just average it out to 180, which my dear ladies (and gentlemen?) is a loss! I was around 193.5/194 when I started out seven weeks back, which means a total loss of almost 14 pounds! This, considering I haven’t been exercising at all is pretty damn good.

Today at work, at least three people commented that I had noticeably lost weight. One girl (over and above the three people) said that I lose weight every time she sees me. I am in seventh heaven. I sent a before-after picture comparison of me wearing the same shirt to my family. It had yesterday’s picture vis-à-vis April’s picture which is representative of how I looked 7 weeks back. Actually I may have even been worse 7 weeks earlier as I was a few pounds heavier as compared to April. And my brother who’s not seen me in a couple of months messaged me saying that I had really lost weight. I told him that I wanted to look good at his wedding in February. Yay!

I was supposed to start walking today, but I had so much exercise yesterday (walked about 40 minutes and took pictures standing for around 3 hours) and less sleep last night (around 3 hours only) that I thought I deserved the rest. Hopefully I’ll get enough sleep tonight so I’ll be able to get up on time for my walk tomorrow.


Today’s reason losing weight.

Reason no 14: So even when the compliments stop rolling in, I feel complimented.

(Did that even make sense?)

End of week blahs

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I know I should stay away from mid-week weigh-ins. I am a fool, who makes the same mistake again and again. And whoever said that history repeats itself. The last mid-week weigh-in I had lost almost 3 pounds and today morning’s weigh-in I have put it all back. I am at 182.5. I feel so frustrated. How on earth will I ever achieve my Oct 1 target of 176 pounds? And when I had started I had felt so positive about reaching that goal. And it was a very do-able goal, not ambitious at all. So basically the last three weeks have been no weight loss at all. The only silver lining on the cloud is that I have not put on any more weight.

On a more positive note… My father and mother both complimented me today morning. I am wearing a new top and my jeans (which is finally not tight on me). My dad said “Now that you’ve lost some weight, you’re looking so much better”. And that was just so cool. I have to, have to lose more weight. The weighing scales better start behaving. I am so nervous about standing on those damn scales.

God, please give me the strength to battle my laziness, lethargy and constant tiredness so I am able to start exercising. I have to. And I know I can.


Today’s reason for losing weight:

Reason no 13: So I can stand on the scales without fear.

Papa please preach

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Today was a special day. In all these years my father has been my worst critic. He has nagged me about my weight so many times, to the extent of saying hurtful things like I have become so obese that I look ugly. I know he’s had my best intentions at heart. But it hurt all the same. Today, he said that I was already looking so much nicer and that I should keep it up. This is more encouraging than anything anyone else can say. And I do feel good. And though I am still 50 pounds away from my ideal weight, I know all the hard work will be worth it.

On a sorry note, I had three biscuits today, one of which was a pineapple cream. I didn’t even enjoy it. I was at a long boring meeting today morning and the plate of biscuits kept tantalizing me till I gave in. I hope I can control better in future, especially after my father’s compliments today morning.

I am still not exercising. My work pressure is so much; I can barely manage to survive through the day. Just the thought of exercising tires me even more. Perhaps, if I exercise I’ll feel more energetic. At least, I need to start. Soon.

I was going though sterling’s blog ( today and got really inspired.

Now, every post I too shall give one reason for wanting to lose weight.

Reason no. 1: I want to make my parents feel proud of me

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