It’s a little funny how things work.
This year I’ve gone through extreme phases. Till about a couple of months back I was going through a very blah phase. I wasn’t unhappy, but I was blah. I was restless and all that seemed to give me some respite from the restlessness was hours of resting on my back and watching endless back to back seasons of TV serials. With my self-inflicted house arrest, it was easy to let discipline slip. No exercise, no food control. It is no wonder that I put on several pounds. The most unfortunate part is that those wasted months would have been ideal for losing weight. Work was light and I was antisocial, so I had all the time in the world.
And now, I am at the other extreme- a super social phase. I’m catching up with friends I haven’t caught up with for months. Partying at least twice a week, getting less than four hours of sleep at night, drinking very fattening-alcohol with a vengeance. AND I am on a mission to lose weight. With my hectic life and busy work schedule I don’t have the time or energy to exercise, but I am determined to get my exercise routine going.
Why can’t I ever time it right?
The thing is, I realised, it’s only when I start socialising that I try to fit into my nice party clothes. And it’s then that I realise that the nice clothes don’t fit me well anymore. And I get into a I-have-to-lose-weight mode.
I do wonder at these times that if I can manage to steadily (though slowly) manage to lose weight when I’m partying & drinking, how much weight I could lose with discipline & more sleep. Sigh!
CW: 175.5 lbs