So I am slipping back to my nasty lifestyle and habits. A little out of no-choice but mostly out of bad choices.

The last couple of months have been eventful- physically and emotionally exhausting. I finally filed for my divorce. My parents moved to another city and I have moved to my own pad. Its barely been a month and I still miss them terribly. My house is still not set, so no gas. And no cooking at home. Which means I am ordering in food everyday. Even then it would be ok but I am ordering all the wrong things- a lot of Chinese (terrible!), ice creams and chocolates. I went through 8 large bars of snickers over the weekend. Why do I do this to myself? Why! Why! Why!

My weight is 167 lbs (I’d gone down to 161 a couple of months back). I need to get back to action. Need to start exercising.

Somebody tell me how. Help!