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Am alive. Just really busy. Will be travelling, starting this Friday, and will be back mid next month. See you all then.

Weight today: 161 lbs

Exercise: 1 hr cardio + abs + stretches + 15 mins walk to gym (managed to hit the gym after many many days)

The pleasure of being overlooked

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I have been crazy busy at work. It’s the same story as the last month (irregular at the gym, finding it hard to stick to diet). Thankfully I am so definite about losing the last 25 lbs that I know I will do it.  But what really helps me in keeping myself motivated is the people around me.

I have a funny incident to relate from last Friday. After a long hectic week I’d managed to meet up with D, an old friend and ex work colleague of mine. (Since we were both working till late we met only around 11:30 pm.) We went to a popular pub near my place for a drink or two. The evening started out on a good note. My friend complimented me on how much weight I’d lost since he last saw me. (The last time we met was in November when my weight was around 15 lbs more. Since then I’ve added a lot of muscle as well. So the difference must be very noticeable). Anyways, we were standing nursing a drink (I was too tired to even drink) when an ex-colleague of ours spotted D. She came over and started chatting with D and COMPLETELY ignored me. I was a little miffed at being ignored so blatantly so I tapped her and said Hi. She gave me a blank look and turned back to D asking him to introduce us. And D said, ‘you know her, that is S’. The girl’s reaction was beautiful (It plays in my head and I laugh every time). Her mouth dropped and she covered her face, typical beauty-queen-shock style. Finally when she spoke, she said that she simply could not recognise me. She complimented me on how much weight I’ve lost and that I should tell her how I managed to achieve such a miracle (not that she needs to lose any weight). To say the least, I forgave her instantly.

Like I said, the people around keep me going.

The weight keeps fluctuating. Today it was at 161.5 lbs.

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