I have not written in a long long time. Yes, I have been busy. But then, aren’t we all. And the trick about this whole weight loss journey, that I realised at this point in my life, is that I have to stop making excuses. I am responsible for all my actions. So if I over-eat (or drink too many glasses of wine like last night), I do it knowing fully-well that there will be consequences. My life is my choice, everything that happens to me is my decision. If I want to be entertained, I am the one who gets to choose from movies, pubbing, hanging out with friends, shopping, etc, etc. Yes, everything I do is my own doing. And likewise if I want to lose weight or I want to blog regularly, I should make time for it. Because I can if I want to, no matter how busy I am.

On a good note, I am doing the May challenge with all seriousness. I didn’t get a star for a food yesterday. And I didn’t hit the gym today morning. But I’ll try and go for a walk today evening.

Weight: 165 lbs (crept right back… sigh!)

Exercise: Not as yet