Something is seriously wrong. I weighed in at 165 lbs. How on earth is it even possible?! There must be some trick somewhere. My scales are teasing me, playing a game. Tomorrow I’ll go back to 168 lbs or something and then I will be seriously depressed. It’ll be like letting the dog lick the biscuit and then taking it away. Arrrrgghhh!

But my God! 165! That’s 1 pound away from my May 1st target. And because I have been exercising I know the weight loss can’t be water loss or bone density loss (somebody told me that dieting causes bone density loss, don’t know if it’s correct). Anyways, which means that the weight I am seeing on the scales may actually be my weight. But even if it were my actually weight, it’ll be up next week. Sigh!

I am going for an advertising three-day awards fest next weekend (have I ever mentioned that I work in advertising?). Which means- three days of sun, sea, sand, lots of fattening food and lots of alcohol. It won’t just be difficult to maintain my diet, I won’t get any exercise either. Besides, I have been really looking forward to these three days. So I know I will indulge myself. I know it. I will have two nights of crazy partying. I sure deserve it. The last one year has been tough, personally and work-load wise. So yes, I do deserve to let my hair down for three days. But the only thing that’ll be down will be my hair. Am sure my weight will spiral right back to the late 160s. I am so torn between keeping up the weight-loss momentum and giving myself 3 days off. God help me!

Weight today: 165 lbs!!

Exercise: 30 mins cardio + 45 mins weights + stretches + 30 mins walks (to and fro from the gym)