I am in pain. But I am happy. I got my periods today, which is great. I’ve been waiting for it to start and get over with. So the painful cramps are welcome.

I am also happy about the fact that yesterday I actually pushed myself to exercise more. Apart from the hour and a half of gymming in the morning I also did a 25 minute Jane Fonda workout video and a 20 minute walk. I’ve been reading on other people’s blogs about exercise videos so I went and picked up the Jane Fonda CD. And I really enjoyed it. I used to do another Jane Fonda video (in the good old VCR days) which was fun. What I like about Jane Fonda is that her workouts are intensive. You can feel your muscles burning. That’s a sure sign that something good must be happening in your body. I know I will not have the energy to exercise this much everyday but I do feel good about yesterday.

Weight: 170.5 lbs (hopefully this’ll go down in a couple of days when I finish with the periods)

Exercise: 50 mins cardio + stretches + 15 mins walk to gym