I kind of over did the food last week. On Friday I ate a sumptuous meal of pork ribs in barbeque sauce with garlic bread. Yummy! AND I also had a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Terrible, I know. But, the funny thing is that I can no longer binge the way I used to. Earlier I would have a minimum of two scoops of ice-cream, if not a half kg tub (which used to be my standard ice-cream serving). And now, it’s rare that I have more than one scoop. I actually feel sick. And between feeling sick and feeling guilty I just can’t over eat the way I used to. And I really feel great about it. This is one change¬†about me that I am proud of.

In addition to indulging myself on food, I was also fairly lazy last week about gym. I managed to go only thrice, which is pretty bad. This week I must go at least the 5 times I had promised myself when I started gymming. Btw, I am planning to upgrade my one-month membership to three months.

My weight’s up today. It must be a result of less exercise and more food. Need to correct it before it goes up any further.

Weight: 170.5 lbs

Exercise: 25 mins arc trainer + 20 mins treadmill + 10 mins bike + ab crunches + stretches + 15 mins walk to gym