Strange, but true

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Something is seriously wrong. I weighed in at 165 lbs. How on earth is it even possible?! There must be some trick somewhere. My scales are teasing me, playing a game. Tomorrow I’ll go back to 168 lbs or something and then I will be seriously depressed. It’ll be like letting the dog lick the biscuit and then taking it away. Arrrrgghhh!

But my God! 165! That’s 1 pound away from my May 1st target. And because I have been exercising I know the weight loss can’t be water loss or bone density loss (somebody told me that dieting causes bone density loss, don’t know if it’s correct). Anyways, which means that the weight I am seeing on the scales may actually be my weight. But even if it were my actually weight, it’ll be up next week. Sigh!

I am going for an advertising three-day awards fest next weekend (have I ever mentioned that I work in advertising?). Which means- three days of sun, sea, sand, lots of fattening food and lots of alcohol. It won’t just be difficult to maintain my diet, I won’t get any exercise either. Besides, I have been really looking forward to these three days. So I know I will indulge myself. I know it. I will have two nights of crazy partying. I sure deserve it. The last one year has been tough, personally and work-load wise. So yes, I do deserve to let my hair down for three days. But the only thing that’ll be down will be my hair. Am sure my weight will spiral right back to the late 160s. I am so torn between keeping up the weight-loss momentum and giving myself 3 days off. God help me!

Weight today: 165 lbs!!

Exercise: 30 mins cardio + 45 mins weights + stretches + 30 mins walks (to and fro from the gym)

Light at the end of the tunnel

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I am in shock. I weighed in at 167.5 lbs today morning. That’s lower than my April 1st target. I don’t know whether it is just weight fluctuation, but I don’t care. I am seeing numbers that I haven’t seen in a long time. Not to say that I truly don’t care. I do care. I hope I am not back to 170 tomorrow. But even if I am fluctuating and touching 167.5 it means that that has become range. And that’s simply wonderful. And to think that I was cribbing just the other day that the scales weren’t moving. There really is light at the end of the tunnel.

Weight: 167.5 lbs

Exercise: 30 mins cardio + 40 mins weights + stretches + 15 mins walk

Targets unattained

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Things were going really well this month and then something happened. I have been exercising and sticking to my food targets most of the month. (Eileen’s March challenge has helped tremendously). And I had started seeing results. I lost 2 pounds early on in the month. And that’s it. No further weight loss. I am at 169.5 lbs and my target for this month is 168. There is only one week to go. And though I am keeping my fingers crossed, I am getting a feeling that I am not going to achieve my target. Yet again. And it sucks. It’s not like I keep very high targets. Then why is the weight so difficult to get off. So ok, I have finally started gymming. So maybe, just maybe, I have gained some muscle weight. And so I am not seeing any overall weight loss. Sigh. It sucks, big time. I read on other people’s blogs that lose up to 10 pounds on a regular month. Why not me? What am I doing wrong? I can’t do more than this. I’d promised myself that I won’t kill myself trying to lose weight. Sigh! I need to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Weight: 169.5 lbs

Exercise: 35 mins cardio + 40 mins weights + stretches + 15 min walk

Pain is good

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I am in pain. But I am happy. I got my periods today, which is great. I’ve been waiting for it to start and get over with. So the painful cramps are welcome.

I am also happy about the fact that yesterday I actually pushed myself to exercise more. Apart from the hour and a half of gymming in the morning I also did a 25 minute Jane Fonda workout video and a 20 minute walk. I’ve been reading on other people’s blogs about exercise videos so I went and picked up the Jane Fonda CD. And I really enjoyed it. I used to do another Jane Fonda video (in the good old VCR days) which was fun. What I like about Jane Fonda is that her workouts are intensive. You can feel your muscles burning. That’s a sure sign that something good must be happening in your body. I know I will not have the energy to exercise this much everyday but I do feel good about yesterday.

Weight: 170.5 lbs (hopefully this’ll go down in a couple of days when I finish with the periods)

Exercise: 50 mins cardio + stretches + 15 mins walk to gym

Something to look forward to

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Hello everybody. It’s a beautiful day today. It’ll soon get very hot, so let me enjoy it till it lasts. I have managed to push myself to go to the gym all four days this week, so if I go tomorrow this’ll be a successful week. Today was weights and I increased the weights across exercises. Even though at that point of time I was ready to scream out loud in pain, I am feeling so so good now. It’s unbelievable. And I know my ideal weight is like 40 pounds away, and yet life seems beautiful. Amazingly, I am finally enjoying the whole losing weight and getting fitter regime. I look forward to it. It’s rare these days that I ever complain, even to myself, about how I can’t eat so many things or about how I need to exercise (something that I hate). I am loving the fact that when I get up in the morning I have something to look forward to. I have something to look forward to two months later, 6 months later. Because every week, every month will take me to where I have always wanted to be. I have spent the better part of my youth being unhealthy, looking fat and feeling miserable. Damn if I am ever going to go back there again. Never ever. On that note, have a great day ladies!

Weight: 169.5 to 170.5 lbs (keeps fluctuating, may be PMS weight)

Exercise: 32 mins cardio + 45 mins weights + stretches + 15 min walk

Update on Exercise: 25 min Jane Fonda workout + 20 min walk in the eve

Of over excesses

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I kind of over did the food last week. On Friday I ate a sumptuous meal of pork ribs in barbeque sauce with garlic bread. Yummy! AND I also had a scoop of chocolate ice cream. Terrible, I know. But, the funny thing is that I can no longer binge the way I used to. Earlier I would have a minimum of two scoops of ice-cream, if not a half kg tub (which used to be my standard ice-cream serving). And now, it’s rare that I have more than one scoop. I actually feel sick. And between feeling sick and feeling guilty I just can’t over eat the way I used to. And I really feel great about it. This is one change about me that I am proud of.

In addition to indulging myself on food, I was also fairly lazy last week about gym. I managed to go only thrice, which is pretty bad. This week I must go at least the 5 times I had promised myself when I started gymming. Btw, I am planning to upgrade my one-month membership to three months.

My weight’s up today. It must be a result of less exercise and more food. Need to correct it before it goes up any further.

Weight: 170.5 lbs

Exercise: 25 mins arc trainer + 20 mins treadmill + 10 mins bike + ab crunches + stretches + 15 mins walk to gym

Slept through gym time today

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I’ve been lazy today. A family friend of mine has been visiting the city. His band performed last night at a very popular and posh club. So, I obviously went there, to express my support. To cut a long story short, it was a late night. And while I didn’t cheat on food and stuck to the two glasses of red wine allowed in my diet, it got really late. I put my morning alarm with full intentions to go to the gym. But when the alarm rang, I had had just four hours of sleep. So I just switched it off and went back to sleep. I know I should probably feel guilty. But I don’t. And that’s because I know I’ll get right back on the wagon. I am not going to slip like I have in the past. Because this time, I am genuinely enjoying the exercise and the results.

The good news is that I weighed myself and I’m still the same as yesterday. So maybe, just maybe, I have finally arrived into the 160s

Weight: 169.5 lbs

Exercise: Only the twisting around in my sleep 🙂

The 160s at last

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I weighed in at 169.5 pounds today. Yipeee! The 160s at last. Welcome welcome. I have been looking forward to you my dear friend for a long long time. Pls stay awhile. Not too long though, as I am looking forward to hosting the 150s.

On a serious note, I feel happy and light. And I am less than 2 pounds away from my April 1st target. And though I have worked hard for these last couple of pounds, I must admit that the credit largely goes to Eileen. There’s no way I would have been so serious about eating right and exercising if it wasn’t for the March challenge. So, thank you Eileen.

Weight today: 169.5 lbs

Exercise: 15 mins elliptical + 45 mins weights + 15 mins treadmill + stretches + 15 mins walk to gym (that means 1 and half stars for exercise!)

Of sagging chests

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Today was strength training day at the gym. I was doing lateral extensions (or something that sounds that fancy) and the trainer kept telling me ‘Chest up, chest up, chest up’. I got so frustrated I wanted to tell him “I am thirty and my chest is sagging, I can’t help it. Yes, I would love to have my 21 yr old chest back and trust me that was UP” So anyways, I just gritted my teeth and put my chest as up as possible. Seriously, I am looking better now than I have in many many years, but I can’t deny the sagging, the wrinkles, and the cellulite. Ah well, I can wear clothes that cover the cellulite and an underwire bra and keep smiling so that people think my wrinkles are just laugh lines. Hee hee (I am smiling already). Have a good day everybody.

Weight: 171.5 pounds

Exercise: 10 mins elliptical + 30 mins strength training + 20 mins treadmill + stretches + 15 min walk to gym

Fat is putting off

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Today is Friday. Yippee! Two days of rest (from work and gym) and two days of dancing (it’s amazing how much I look forward to salsa classes over the weekend). So anyways, as I was saying, today is Friday, which means Friday dressing. I am wearing jeans and a white long-sleeved t-shirt which, I too must admit, is looking pretty damn good. You know, it’s amazing, what the loss of 20 + pounds has done to my morale and confidence. Of course, I have a long way to go. But I am already liking the way I look now. Better, much better.

I was thinking today, on the way to work, how fat puts people off. And if I am honest I too will admit that I don’t find fat men attractive. A little paunch, I may still overlook. But fat men, I do tend to ignore. I know it’s a mean thing to judge people by their appearance. But I am not talking about liking fat people. I have a lot of friends who are over-weight/fat and I love them for who they are. I am just talking about animal male-female attraction.

And that makes me wonder how many people have been put off by my being so fat.  The strange thing is that these last few years I didn’t really realise how fat I had become. Sure, I knew I wasn’t thin. But I didn’t realise that I was looking obese. I look at pictures of me in the last few years and I actually cringe.

My need to lose weight isn’t to attract people or to get compliments. I am secure enough a person. But I do need to loose weight to feel good, to feel healthy. For myself. Although it’s good to know that people aren’t looking at me and judging me because I am fat.

God! I just can’t stop talking/writing today. Shall stop right here, right now. Have a great day ladies.

Today’s weight: 172 pounds

Exercise: 55 minutes cardio + 5 mins abs + stretches + 15 mins walk to gym

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