I am back. This time to stay, hopefully. I’ve not put on too much weight (thankfully) in the last couple of months. If anything, I’ve lost some. Am currently at 172 pounds. Lightest that I have been in many years. Since I am starting again after such a long time I am going to reassign my goals. So here goes my short term goal:

(March 1- 172 pounds)

April 1- 168 pounds

May 1- 164 pounds

Also, I’m finally getting serious about exercising. Yesterday I checked out the two gyms that are close to my place (walkable distance, long walks though). I liked one, though it’s much more expensive than the other. But it smelt nicer (yeah, I can be weird about such things) and I saw some good looking people (whatever will motivate me to get myself out of bed every morning). Tomorrow I’ll go for a trial. And Monday I start. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention. I’m learning the Salsa (one hour per session, Saturdays and Sundays). Have completed two months. And though I may not have lost any weight, I sure have a skip in my walk. 🙂