The scales seem to be stuck at 182, even after three days. Which probably means that I actually have gained 5 pounds and it is not water weight, etc as I was hoping it to be.


I went for my D2W2 of c25k today morning, but I had such a bad headache that my head felt like it would burst every time I attempted to run. So I decided to do it tomorrow. Headaches can be such a problem with me, as I have migraine and sinus problems. And once I start getting headaches it can get pretty bad. I’ve lost hours and days, lying in pain unable to move at all because of my spinning head. Anyways, the point being that I didn’t even get any exercise today.


And now I am dying to eat something sinful and fattening. A pack of chocolate cookies. Or a tub of ice-cream. But I won’t. I will control. I will not give in.


Looks like I won’t achieve my initial target of 154 pounds in time for my brother’s wedding in Feb. But I will definitely try to do 165 pounds. I can do it if I am strong. I can.