Despite my enthusiasm to start blogging again, I have not managed to post for almost three weeks since. Initially I was busy at work catching up on the back-log, having been out travelling for a month. And then with the terrorist attacks in Mumbai I was too caught up in the whole emotional upheaval. We were right in the middle of the attacks and lived through (heard from our house) every blast and every round of firing. It was horrible. So many lives lost, uselessly. So many people affected, some of my relatives had very close escapes.

Anyways, to get back to the point of this blog. I cheated like crazy because of all the stress. It was an E3 week (emotional-eating-extreme week).

Have tried to control since last weekend. My weight has been fluctuating between 176 and 178. So at least I am down a few pounds since I returned.

On a positive note, I started exercising. Thankfully.

I have decided to do the c25k program. Don’t know anybody who does it India so I’m still a little unclear about it. I have downloaded the programme from But the funda of three days a week (a total of one and half hours in a week) seems too little exercise to make any difference. But am going to try it and then increase the frequency accordingly.

So, today I did the second day of week 1. I was feeling a little sore in some places but I pushed myself. Am quite proud that I have actually managed to put in two days of exercise this week. I am going to try and stick to this. Wish me luck.

And if you have any info/ tips to give me on running, I would be grateful.