I haven’t posted for quite a while. I’ve been too busy and too lazy to post. Last week was a long four-day weekend (took a couple of days off as my brother came to visit). Also, as it was my birthday last Thursday, we had an extended birthday celebration. As a result, my tenth week weigh-in showed an increase. I weighed in at 179.5 pounds, which is a pity as I’d touched 176 last Tuesday. Anyways, I’m back to behaving myself and sticking to the diet. I am yet to start exercising. I’d told myself that I’d start after my periods but I finished with it last week and I’m still not exercising. Maybe next Monday I shall start.

Am feeling a little nervous about continuing my weight loss because I’ll be traveling and working out of another city for 3 weeks starting end of October, which means it’ll be extremely difficult for me to either keep a control over my diet, or even to exercise. I hope I don’t put back the weight (losing further maybe too much to ask under the circumstances).

While I want to keep losing weight, I’ve been feeling really really tired to make any effort. I thought this was just a phase but it’s already been two-three weeks of feeling this indifferent. Except for last week, I’ve more or less stuck to the diet, but that also I’ve done because its simply become a habit to eat that way. I am feeling tired or indifferent to do anything different or anything more. When will I snap out of this?