Pleasant surprises

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Daily weigh-ins are not advisable, but who cares really! So I weighed myself today and surprise surprise, my weight settled in at around 176 pounds. And I was cribbing about it yesterday. This means that I may still be able to achieve my targets, and if not by Nov 1, I can certainly make up by Dec. So here’s looking forward to achieving targets and more.
Oh I must mention that am wearing a black top with an old skirt today at work, and when I emerged from my room in the morning my father looked at me so proudly and said that I was looking stunning. I love that word. Stunning!
And so my reason for today is…
Reason no 19.: So I can look stunning in my old (faded) clothes

Eleventh week weigh in

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A day late, but am going to post it nevertheless. And its bad news, yet again. My weight fluctuated a bit but settled in at 179.5 pounds, the same as last week. I need to really get my butt moving now. Enough is enough. All my goals have absolutely gone haywire. How on earth am I going to touch 154 pounds in time for my brother’s wedding if I keep fluctuating in the late 170s, just short of touching 180! I need to snap out of this lethargy. I can, of course, make many excuses. I finally shifted out of the house I shared with my husband for a year and a half. It has been emotionally and physically exhausting. I have cried, wallowed in self-pity and generally been depressed. But emotional bingeing has never helped me, and it won’t this time either. The only way I’ll get better is by loving myself and looking after myself. And I will. This is my life. And life is short. Nothing is worth wasting away any one moment of it. And I need to get back on my feet. I need to survive, to live.
I’ll be leaving for a month’s project this weekend. And I hope this will not translate into weight gain. I shall control my diet as far as possible, and I will also start walking there. I may not be able to post while I’m there. And even if I post I may not be able to weigh myself. I guess I’ll figure out a way to do it, if I really want to. As is said, where there is a will, there is a way. Signing off, for today.
Today’s reason for losing weight.
Reason no.18 : Because… I want to live.

Tenth week weigh in

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I haven’t posted for quite a while. I’ve been too busy and too lazy to post. Last week was a long four-day weekend (took a couple of days off as my brother came to visit). Also, as it was my birthday last Thursday, we had an extended birthday celebration. As a result, my tenth week weigh-in showed an increase. I weighed in at 179.5 pounds, which is a pity as I’d touched 176 last Tuesday. Anyways, I’m back to behaving myself and sticking to the diet. I am yet to start exercising. I’d told myself that I’d start after my periods but I finished with it last week and I’m still not exercising. Maybe next Monday I shall start.

Am feeling a little nervous about continuing my weight loss because I’ll be traveling and working out of another city for 3 weeks starting end of October, which means it’ll be extremely difficult for me to either keep a control over my diet, or even to exercise. I hope I don’t put back the weight (losing further maybe too much to ask under the circumstances).

While I want to keep losing weight, I’ve been feeling really really tired to make any effort. I thought this was just a phase but it’s already been two-three weeks of feeling this indifferent. Except for last week, I’ve more or less stuck to the diet, but that also I’ve done because its simply become a habit to eat that way. I am feeling tired or indifferent to do anything different or anything more. When will I snap out of this?

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