Haven’t felt like doing much in the past week. I have tried to stick to the diet as far as possible. Had some rice one day and some bread (fondue) one day. Apart from that I’ve been pretty straight except that I have not been blogging. . The thing is that I’m going through a personal upheaval and have been feeling too restless to do anything, especially post. Also, the fact that I had been pms-ing couldn’t have helped. Thankfully, I got my periods yesterday, which means I am at my most bloated these couple of days.  I had my ninth week weigh in and I’m still at 178 pounds which was my weight last Monday. Either I haven’t lost anything (which is ok I guess) or I have and I’ll weigh lighter when my periods get over.

Signing off today. I’m too restless to write anything more. Hopefully I’ll be out of this soon.