Weighed myself today morning, after completing 8 weeks on the South Beach Diet. I thought I might see an increase. I have been drinking more than my allowed 2-glasses of wine limit. And I had 2 scoops of diet-lite chocolate ice-cream on Friday. Hardly got any sleep last week and didn’t manage to make-up too much over the weekend (less sleep is supposed to add to water-retention). And of course, I have still not started exercising. All of these ‘cheats’ add up to reasons for a gain on Monday morning. And….. I didn’t. I have lost further. I weighed in at 178 pounds. Oh the elusive 170s! And that, my friends, is only 2 pounds away from my Oct 1 target, which suddenly sounds achievable. Difficult, but not improbable. Man, it’s so exciting. I would be afraid to weigh myself next week. What if this was just an aberration and next week I am back to the 180s. Also, next week I shall be pmsing again, which definitely means weight gain on the scales. Anyways, I will not let next week take away the joy of this week.

When I started 8 weeks back, I was at around 194 pounds. My initial aim is to get down to 154 pounds by Feb 1 2009, which is a total weight loss of 40 pounds. I have lost 16 pounds so far. That means I have achieved 40% of my target (My eventual target will be another 15-20 pounds, but I can go slow on that.) And 40% sounds pretty good to me. I know it’ll keep getting tougher now that the initial weight loss is done. But I take heart in the fact that I have still not started exercising. That seems to me like my secret weapon, which I will use when the enemy is down. After all, this whole weight-loss is a battle. One that I have been fighting for many many years.

Now, I should definitely start exercising. It’s the only way I will lose any more weight. I have to. I have to.

Today’s reason for weight-loss.                                                                                 

Reason no 17: So I am below 80 kgs (176 pounds) for my 30th birthday on Oct 2nd.