My weight today is between 180.5 and 179.5 pounds. So we’ll just average it out to 180, which my dear ladies (and gentlemen?) is a loss! I was around 193.5/194 when I started out seven weeks back, which means a total loss of almost 14 pounds! This, considering I haven’t been exercising at all is pretty damn good.

Today at work, at least three people commented that I had noticeably lost weight. One girl (over and above the three people) said that I lose weight every time she sees me. I am in seventh heaven. I sent a before-after picture comparison of me wearing the same shirt to my family. It had yesterday’s picture vis-à-vis April’s picture which is representative of how I looked 7 weeks back. Actually I may have even been worse 7 weeks earlier as I was a few pounds heavier as compared to April. And my brother who’s not seen me in a couple of months messaged me saying that I had really lost weight. I told him that I wanted to look good at his wedding in February. Yay!

I was supposed to start walking today, but I had so much exercise yesterday (walked about 40 minutes and took pictures standing for around 3 hours) and less sleep last night (around 3 hours only) that I thought I deserved the rest. Hopefully I’ll get enough sleep tonight so I’ll be able to get up on time for my walk tomorrow.


Today’s reason losing weight.

Reason no 14: So even when the compliments stop rolling in, I feel complimented.

(Did that even make sense?)