I know I should stay away from mid-week weigh-ins. I am a fool, who makes the same mistake again and again. And whoever said that history repeats itself. The last mid-week weigh-in I had lost almost 3 pounds and today morning’s weigh-in I have put it all back. I am at 182.5. I feel so frustrated. How on earth will I ever achieve my Oct 1 target of 176 pounds? And when I had started I had felt so positive about reaching that goal. And it was a very do-able goal, not ambitious at all. So basically the last three weeks have been no weight loss at all. The only silver lining on the cloud is that I have not put on any more weight.

On a more positive note… My father and mother both complimented me today morning. I am wearing a new top and my jeans (which is finally not tight on me). My dad said “Now that you’ve lost some weight, you’re looking so much better”. And that was just so cool. I have to, have to lose more weight. The weighing scales better start behaving. I am so nervous about standing on those damn scales.

God, please give me the strength to battle my laziness, lethargy and constant tiredness so I am able to start exercising. I have to. And I know I can.


Today’s reason for losing weight:

Reason no 13: So I can stand on the scales without fear.