Life has not been too eventful this week. I have more of less stuck to my diet except that I had a big piece of chocolate cake yesterday. It was my boss’ birthday celebration and it would have been rude to refuse. Although I could have had a smaller piece. But I thought at that moment that since I was already sinning I might as well do justice to it. Like Oscar Wilde said ‘The best way to deal with temptation is to give in to it’.

I have been reading that these little cheats always end up on big cheats and then eventually results in giving up on it entirely. And this holds true for diet as well as exercise. If I feel an occasional one piece cake doesn’t make much of difference to my weight-loss, I will start having it more often. And before I realise I will be eating one piece cake, one bowl ice-cream, two bars of chocolates and one packet chocolate cookies. I shudder at the thought of it now. But I know, with me, it is a pattern. In my past phases of exercising, I have always started with a lot of enthusiasm. Then slowly, usually after about a month, I would start missing days (I always had excuses- work, tiredness, rain, etc, etc) and then would completely stop all exercising.

Yes, I know the signs well. I have had a lot of practice. And maybe it is starting so I have to be even more careful. It started with my weekend chocolate cheats and then my huge 5-desserts binge last Saturday. Some more dessert (albeit sugar free) on Sunday and then the cake yesterday. It just has to stop.

I have not yet started exercising and that worries me. How do I motivate myself?


Today’s reason for losing weight…

Reason no 11: So I can have the occasional chocolate cake, knowing that I just have to burn just those calories to maintain weight (as opposed to burning those calories over and above what I have to burn to lose weight)


Note to self: My reasons are getting longer with every post. Have to learn to keep them succinct.