It’s been a horrible horrible beginning to the week. It first started with the weigh-in yesterday morning. No change at all. Am at around 184 pounds. That’s four pounds more than my planned target. Secondly, I had intended to start exercising yesterday. If nothing, then at least walking. I didn’t even do that. No exercise today either. And the worst today I had more than 10 biscuits- two choco-chip cookies, three pineapple cream biscuits, three salty-sweet biscuits, two butter-cashew cookies. I think that’s it, give or take a few biscuits. How could I? Don’t I have any shame? Not only have I not lost any weight for the last two weeks, I am not exercising and I am binging like it’s my last week on planet earth. I have to snap out of this mood at any cost. Today around 4-5 people told me that I was looking noticeably slimmer.  That should motivate me to move towards my goal rather than get stuck and behave like an imbecile fool. I have never managed to stick to something for long, but this time I have to. Just to prove to myself I can do it.


Reason no 7: To have faith in my self-worth.