Today was a special day. In all these years my father has been my worst critic. He has nagged me about my weight so many times, to the extent of saying hurtful things like I have become so obese that I look ugly. I know he’s had my best intentions at heart. But it hurt all the same. Today, he said that I was already looking so much nicer and that I should keep it up. This is more encouraging than anything anyone else can say. And I do feel good. And though I am still 50 pounds away from my ideal weight, I know all the hard work will be worth it.

On a sorry note, I had three biscuits today, one of which was a pineapple cream. I didn’t even enjoy it. I was at a long boring meeting today morning and the plate of biscuits kept tantalizing me till I gave in. I hope I can control better in future, especially after my father’s compliments today morning.

I am still not exercising. My work pressure is so much; I can barely manage to survive through the day. Just the thought of exercising tires me even more. Perhaps, if I exercise I’ll feel more energetic. At least, I need to start. Soon.

I was going though sterling’s blog ( today and got really inspired.

Now, every post I too shall give one reason for wanting to lose weight.

Reason no. 1: I want to make my parents feel proud of me