I have been overweight for what seems like forever. I can’t remember the last time I was ok with my weight. Must be 10 years at least. I have been wanting to do something. I’ve tried many diets. Joined gyms (and paid a lot of money). But I have never been able to sustain anything. I have absolutely no will power. And in defiance I have binged even more. I have told myself that I am beautiful and I don’t need to be thin to be liked. I pushed myself to have a healthy body image. But the thing is that I didn’t. I actually just said to everyone that I am happy the way I am, but in my heart I wasn’t.

I touched an all time high of almost 200 pounds a year back. That shook me up. I was 29 and 200 pounds. I had high cholesterol and being a smoker in a high stress job that’s a sure welcome sign to cardiac problems, etc. I went on the south beach diet for a month or two last November and lost around 10 pounds. But as always I could not sustain it. Slowly but surely the pounds have crept back in the last six months.  

I have now started SBD again, on July 28th. I am down to 185 pounds. I feel great and encouraged. This time I am going to lose the weight, I am sure.

 My eventual goal: 140 pounds

My goal for my brother’s wedding in Feb: 154 pounds

My plan to get down to 154 pounds :

Sept 1, 2008: 180

Oct 1, 2008: 176

Nov 1, 2008: 169

Dec 1, 2008: 165

Jan 1, 2009: 161

Feb 1,2009: 154