A new start

I don’t know what happened to my old blog. It appears to have been deleted due to lack of use. So now I have a better blog with a better name. I hope that someone will get the reference! And it truly is a joy to receive those little gold stars at my Weight Watchers meeting. But the title of this journal refers to something else. Perhaps someday, someone will tell me that they know it!

I’m on the Weight Watchers core program, which was just eliminated as the new program has been introduced for 2009. That’s OK. I’m just going to continue on core for awhile because it has become like second nature. I have entertained the idea of quitting WW for a season, as I explore my newfound ability to control my eating habits. If I stopped losing weight or started to regain some pounds, I would go right back to the meetings. But I haven’t decided what to do yet. I just have to say that I love feeling healthier. I found one of my paper journals where I wrote back in January of this year how terrible I felt when I would try to do chores around the house and get out of breath so fast. How sad! I don’t get that way at all anymore. How wonderful!