MRC Week 2 – And so it begins

Well, we went to nutrition class last night, and there was the big sell.  by which I mean they spend a lot of time telling you about all the stuff you should buy.  But we also got more information on what I can and can’t have.   Afterwards there was no time to work out.  But when I hopped on the Wii fit this morning it told me I lost 3.3 pounds this last week.  So GO ME!  Eric lost 5.5, so he sucks, since he is not even officially on the diet.  But he eats the same things I do and being a man he just generally will lose faster.  Which kind of sucks because he needs to lose so much less.

Anyway, I am eating more now than I was on the conditioning, and since I have never been a huge eater anyway it is a little frustrating.  Get up, try to take all my vitamins I was taking before (1 a day, fish oil, CoQ10, Omneprizole, and Birth control pill) and now the 6 extra they have me taking, their “Big 3” and a trace minerals…which I will take now and probably not use again once the bottle is up.    I tried to talk to my counselor about the nightmares that the supplements have been giving me, but she just told me to take it earlier so I could be sure to keep the full effect going.  I am trying her suggestion tonight, but if I have the freaky “wake my husband up with my screaming” dreams again then forget it.  If I go too long without good sleep my willpower crashes and no one needs that.

Got back into the bellydancing DVDs today.  Neena and Veena, they have some awesome stuff.  I am sure that they could be better done, but I defiantly feel like I get a workout by the time it is over.  Otherwise spent the day cleaning and trying to figure out meals…there is so much MEAT.  I know, it is a high protein diet, but ugh.  I like meat, but just not that much of it.  trying to choke down that and the veggies and starch/fruit is a bit difficult.  I boiled some water and made my HNS with cranberry green tea nice and warm for after dinner.  It was more enjoyable that way.

I better go, need to finish cleaning up the kitchen before I can shower and relax before bed.  I will update soon.  Maybe I will have better progress halfway through the week…and no nightmares, fingers crossed.

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  1. awaaviatrix Says:

    If your having negative affects from a supplement then STOP taking it and get some decent sleep! I’d have a few choice words for the “counselor” too. Is she a Doctor? ;oD BTW I think they make their money on all the supplement sales. A good multi vitamin and calcium (vit D) supplement is probably all you really need. ;oD You have a great sense of humor in your postings so good luck in your journey!

  2. galadreal Says:

    Thanks and yeah, I stopped taking them for a couple of days of wonderfully restful sleep. I do not plan on buying them, again. I know they make alot of their profits and I think commissions on the supplements. I got these because my husband works at a neutraceutical company and I wanted to have the bottle to see if they sold anything that was an equivalent (he gets me free supplements). Thanks for the encouragement and good luck to you too!

  3. awaaviatrix Says:

    I bet you could get your money back if you bring them back at the next appointment. Then put that $ in a jar to buy yourself a nice treat when you reach a short term goal. Rooting for you!

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