MRC Week 1 – conditioning

I have never eaten so many vegetables in all my life!! Ugh! And the fake enthusuasm is crazy. “Oh you lost 4 pounds! And you are only on the conditioning phase! You are doing so good!” well it had been 2 weeks since I was weighed, and I was losing 2 a week on my own. *Eyebrow raise*

Honestly they way the talked to me sounded like the way I talk to my cats when we praise them for using the scratching post instead of the couch. Seriously it was just so over the top and perky. I mean seriously just a “you are doing great, excellent job” without all the enthusasm, Hell, even just marking it down without saying anything would be better than that.

Otherwise eating lots of lean meats, veggies, and tiny amounts of bread and toast. Also have fruit 3 times a day, but no fruit juice becuase it lacks fiber. But it would be so much easier in the morning to just pour a glass of apple juice and eat my egg on toast. Trying to choke it all down and still have time to brush teeth and rush out the door is crazy hectic.

On the plus side, I am down 20 pounds from November now, just another 65 to the top of my idea weight, and 90 to get to where I want to be. Maybe these damn chocolate cravings will go away once I get their stupid shakes…those come in chocolate. It might suck, but hey, sucky chocolate can be better than no chocolate at all.

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    Love the blog title! It sums it all up!

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