Shape Shifting and My Closet of Hope

Some days this lifestyle change is the easiest thing I’ve ever done. Other days I can’t think of anything more challenging. It’s been 3 months and I’m down nearly 70lbs. That’s a lot of weight… in not a lot of time. As you know I don’t weigh myself at home (if you didn’t know that then you do now LOL). I noticed that when I did weigh myself in the past I would become almost obsessive about every single ounce every single day. Now, I only weigh myself at the IP facility on Fridays. That’s it.

Even at my weigh ins I find myself focusing more on the pounds lost than the amount I weigh so I’m really not fixed on a number. This has opened up a new door for me. I get to focus on how I feel and how my clothes fit. I’ve been known to purchase things that I hope I can fit into one day or keep things thinking that I’ll eventually wear them again.

I have a closet filled with hope.

Lately, I’ve been digging through my Closet of Hope and trying things on. I tried on things that last month didn’t fit, things that I bought last year that had tags on them still, and even more things that I just never thought I’d ever be able to wear. Slowly but surely they are starting to fit. I always seem surprised when the next item fits me and my husband is always surprised that I’m surprised.

I’m also noticing the shape of my body. My face is thinner, my profile is smaller, and my legs are trimming down. When my husband rubs my back it feels flatter and I notice the difference when my children hug me. These changes mean so much more to me than a number. Putting on clothes and having them fit or get too big is more satisfying than those three digits I poured all of my self esteem into for so many years.

I’ve been down this road so many times but I thank God that I can finally see it’s the little things that will keep me going. Never underestimate the power of pulling something from the Closet of Hope and have it be a little baggy.

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