More Than A Potato

I’m not a cook. I’ve never been a cook and I don’t like cooking. I’m blessed in the fact that my husband is a great cook and does all of the cooking and grocery shopping. I can’t stand grocery shopping.  It takes forever, there’s ten billion of everything and I would just rather not do it. Before I met my husband I spent a lot of time and money avoiding grocery shopping and I gained a lot of weight due to my constant dining out.

Today, I found myself in the grocery store with my husband and I came across something that resonated with me. A bag of potatoes. Not just any bag of potatoes, mind you, a ten pound bag of potatoes. I picked it up and felt its weight. I looked at how big it was and I was blown away. Last week I lost this bag of potatoes in weight! When you have to lose over 150 lbs, ten pounds can seem so small and your goal so very far away.

I show my husband the bag:

Me: This is how much weight I lost last week.

Him: Wow. That’s an awesome way to see what you lost!

Me: I was already happy but this made me even more happy. I want to take a picture of it.

Him: Hold it in front of you and let me.

When you feel like your weight loss is small pick up a bag of potatoes, a 5lb bag of flour, or a 2lb package of ground beef and really feel the weight of it. It’s impressive.

I have a new found respect for grocery shopping.

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  1. Congrats on losing the 10lbs!! I really like that idea. Ir’s easy to forget just how much of a difference every pound makes and the bag of potatos pic is a good reminder.

  2. Thank you! Good luck on your journey as well!

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