Traditions and Excuses

Immediately following our wedding we took our beautiful cake top and placed it in a box and I wrote in Sharpie DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 10/15/12. After I wrote it and looked at the box I remember feeling like that was forever away. A year seemed like an eternity.

Here we are a year later and I’m in a quandry. We’ve had this cake jostled about our freezer for the past year and today is the day that we are supposed to share this cake top. Now that I’m on IP and since it’s day 4 I’m definitely in ketosis now and I’ve done well. I’m comfortable with the program, I’m feeling satisfied, and I can see some changes already in the way that I feel…

BUT this day is SPECIAL.

My husband would never consider using a guilt trip to eat the cake and neither of us were really too thrilled to eat nearly 400 day old previously frozen cake…


I got to thinking that I wanted to partake in this tradition, I wanted to share this once in a lifetime thing with my husband. I emailed my coach. She sent me an email that was amazing. Telling me that it’s totally my decision and the program works and if I choose to mess with it the work that I’ve done goes away and I have to get back into ketosis again, the cravings can come back, and the sugar withdrawals may return.

After reading her email I felt like I was hit by a ton of bricks. Not only was she completely right, she gave me an insight to who I am as a person… as an eater. Today it was the wedding cake next will be Thanksgiving and heaven help me not celebrate Christmas. It’s a tradition. It’s a special occasion.

That cake — although deep in traditional roots —  isn’t our relationship, it isn’t our marriage, it isn’t our love and it isn’t stronger than me.

We took pictures of the cake and my husband took a nice big bite and that was all she wrote.

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  1. Awesome! Good for you. I understand. There is always a. “special occasion” that messes you up. I am already trying to avoid stuffing and gravy at thanksgiving. This is my 6th day on ip. Good luck to you.

  2. Thanksgiving is going to be my biggest challenge too. How has IP been for you?

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