My First Wedding Anniversary

A year ago this evening my father was walking me down the aisle and giving me away to the most amazing man. The man that over the prior three years had become my very best friend and the person with whom I knew I could spend the rest of my life.

We were put through the ringer with layoff and companies closing and so many more trials that came our way but we handled them together and came out of every obstacle better and stronger than we were before. Today we celebrate that wonderful event that still brings a smile to my face and a skip to my heart.

When you think of anniversaries — or any special occasion — we tend to mark it with food. We eat our celebrations and our pains. We unwind with food, relax with food, we do a lot with food. I think the hardest part of “dieting” or trying to live your life a new way is the growing pains that come from years and years of these habits hardwired in your DNA.

Tonight will be spent just enjoying this beautiful year celebrating that we were fortunate enough to spend another year together. By the grace of God we pray to have many more. And that has nothing to do with food.

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