Day 2: Surprisingly Happy

I totally get this!I’ve been on many diets. Too many diets. Usually after the first day of no carbs I’m ready to jump out of a window — correction — I’m ready to throw someone out of a window. What’s different about this program that I can immediately see is that it isn’t just a “shake loss.” So many protein based diets have shake meal replacements and you buy a massive tub of chocolate, vanilla or some other flavor that mimics the very way I got fat and they have you drink it twice a day or more. That never worked for me.

Ideal Protein is a protein based diet and it mostly comes in packets but the difference is that one packet can be Maple Oatmeal (a new LOVE) or Broccoli and Cheese Soup. I’m getting that protein but also the psychological benefits that I feel like I’m actually eating. That, for me, is fantastic.

I’ve also noticed that I’m not really hungry. I’m positive I’m not in ketosis yet because it’s only been a day but I didn’t starve yesterday at all despite going from what I normally consume — which is far too embarrassing to write — to what I ate yesterday.

The struggle for me will be the water consumption. I am not a water drinker, never was but it is essential to weight loss and to health overall. I just hate it. Despite how good I feel when I drink water I was never able to really do it consistently. So that will be my challenge.

As far as my weight goes I used to weigh myself like a part time job when I’m dieting. This time I have no plans to even break out my scale. I will get weighed on Fridays and let that be my official weight and the rest of the week I will note the passing of pounds with the clothes that I want to wear and can actually get into again.

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