Salmon in Orange Glaze

This is the BistroMD Salmon in Orange Glaze. Turns out the glaze is NOT gluten-free, so this is a “no more for me” dish. But the fish is fresh and filling. The veggies are great. The second time they sent this, I made it without the sauce/glaze and the fish is actually FABULOUS. That’s something […]

Week 2 arrived yesterday.

Just a quick update to say that my Week 2 of BistroMD food arrived yesterday. Unfortunately, it was identical to Week 1, which means that when I spoke with customer service on Friday of last week and was assured that they were pulling the six gluten-containing food items from the standing order — and that […]

Turkey Breast in Apple Cider Sauce

This here is the BistroMD Turkey Breast in Apple Cider Sauce. It’s yummy. I’d like it even better with some dark green veggies to break up the sweet/starchy flavors and textures. Over time, I kind of got “over” this dish (I’m editing this blog entry months later than it’s timestamped) and asked BistroMD to stop […]