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My name is Rosie. When I was 18 and started college, I weighed 198 lbs. The accepted generalization for beginner college students is that they always react to the abrupt change in lifestyle and food availability by promptly gaining The Freshman Fifteen. I didn’t. By Labor Day that year, I was down to 175 lbs without even thinking about it. I looked great, felt great, had hair like a Pantene commercial and tolerably good skin, was acing tests and quizzes left and right, had guys lined up to ask me out, and all was well with the world. Literally. It was Labor Day, 2001, less than a week before 9/11.

Fast forward to January 1, 2009. I am now 25 years old, and I weigh 276 lbs. In the five years since graduating Vincennes U. with my Associates in Aviation Maintenance Technology, I have gained 100 lbs. I have gained the equivalent of another person, albeit a small and probably underaged person. I have also taken up smoking, drinking, and pretty soon after graduation, started making the kind of wages that made it possible for me to eat fast food almost every day for¬†five years. Thanks to these habits, I have bad skin, dull hair, a huge belly and loose flabby skin hanging from all extremities, the only guys who like me (physically) are what we liked to call “chubby-chasers” in highschool, and thanks to the fact that I wear a size 24 (or 3x), I have no attractive clothes.

So this year is the year of changes for Rosie. I have determined to quit smoking, severely cut back if not completely quit drinking, lose the weight, and better my finances. All of these goals go hand in hand.

1. Quitting smoking will save me a¬†significant amount of money annually (roughly $600), and eliminating the constant haze of smoke from my person will improve the health and appearance of my skin and hair, not to mention the good it’ll do my lungs.

2. Quitting drinking removes the worst of my temptations to smoke. It also saves me upwards of $2,000 per year, and removes easily a thousand calories a week from my diet, entirely in empty carbohydrates.

3. Limiting my fast-food/take-out/delivery food consumption will save me thousands of calories on a weekly basis, and easily a couple thousand dollars a year. I always want beer and a smoke with these types of food, so there’s one less impetus for those as well.

Everything goes hand in hand.

I’ve also found a workout partner who keeps me in line, and I like to think that I help to motivate her a little, too. We get together four mornings a week, and either work out in the gym at her apartment complex, or do an exercise video in the living room on Wednesdays and Thursdays. On Saturdays we go for a two or three mile walk at the park. On Sundays, we go together to church and then come back to my apartment (it’s nearer the church than she lives) and walk from there to a restaurant up the street where we get salads for lunch, before walking back to my place to play Nintendo Wii Fit for a while. We’ve been doing this for a few months now, and have only missed maybe three or four days the whole time, which we generally try to make up later on one of the off days.

So these are my goals and those are my methods. Any encouraging words anyone can offer would be greatly appreciated. I intend to peruse other peoples’ blogs sometimes and offer whatever random praise and friendly greetings seem appropriate. Little kindnesses like that always help me feel better, and I hope that they will brighten someone else’s day, too. Most everyone who is overweight agrees that eating is mostly emotional. If I can boost your emotions just for a moment, to make you feel good enough about yourself to change your mind about eating that candy bar or bag of chips, then I’m glad to do it. It would help me.

still impact-resistant,


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  1. Welcome Rosie!!! Good luck with your weight loss journey…I know you CAN do this…some days you will be difficult and you may want to give up but you are in control of this weightloss. One thing that I had to keep reminding myself is that when I fell off the wagon to get right back up there the next day and work even harder! GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. Good luck Rosie, you can do it!

  3. Great Job getting started and setting a routine, sometimes that’s the hardest! If you are determined, then there is nothing stopping you! I can’t wat to read your updates and see your progress. GOOD LUCK!



  4. Welcome Rosie.
    Im Alana Jo.. Baileysmomma (on 3fc forum).
    Ive been on this journey since Jan 2007. It can be hard, its definately a struggle, but it can be done. You seem to have a great attitude, and that helps! Good luck!

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