So I’m stuck at work with nobody to cover for me and I can’t eat!  Arrrgh, it is so frustrating to be trying to eat well and regularly and then get stuck in a situation like this.  (My own fault, I should have checked the schedule before I left for work today and I could have planned around it.) The choices I had from the snack shop were not the greatest…I ended up getting peanut m&m’s and another bag of peanuts, thinking that the protein would help me feel less hungry.  That was about all the calories I had left for the day.  I have a great big beautiful bag of salad waiting for me when I get home and some broccoli, I can’t wait!!! 

I joined the small YMCA near my house and I have been loving it.  I have to keep my focus on regular exercise and healthy foods.  So far I’ve only done the treadmill and the stationary bike, and a little elliptical (wow, way harder than it looks!).  I’m such a beginner, never sure where to start or stop!  I’m just trying to listen to my body and do as much as I can without overdoing it.  Yesterday I overdid the treadmill a bit, and started feeling really shakey and weird, but right before that I was feeling great while jogging.  Maybe I need to make sure I eat a little more before going?   Any suggestions?