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I wont say “failed”. Because it’s not over. I have knocked off somewhere between 40-45 pounds since August. Slow moving yes…but still there. Still accounted for. Yes, I am plateauing and most likely it is due to stress and finances and not having enough room to buy the foods I need. Oh yeah, not working […]

On a whim while posting to a Sparkpeople forum about what my biggest issue is. Basically, during the week while escorting, the Fundies piss me off so much that I instinctually want McDonald’s breakfast. Some sort of comfort food that ruins my caloric success of the day. Alongside this, I end up not eating -before- […]

This is day two of the”One liquid meal a day” project. I’m also working on two vegetarian days a week. This is the plan for January. Be February I am going to ease into two liquid meals a day and three vegetarian days. Yeah, it’s strict. But I love smoothies. I need to get a […]

Because I went off track a bit! These past 7 or so days have been a bit on the rough ride. I ran out of things to eat that weren’t crap or had to eat things that were or go hungry. Aside from that I had a sweet fit with chocolate alone, seemingly. Last weigh […]

What an awesome day. I got an apprenticeship to become a tattoo artist. :3 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Diet stuff: Calories seem to be on par so far. I did have a dark chocolate bar…first in months. But thats okay. Sodium? TERRIBLE. I’m looking at my log and it seems to go between 2000 and 4500 every other […]

Went way off the deep end, yesterday. Okay, maybe not as off as most would say. I didn’t binge (I havent in quite some time) but I did a lot of snacking. Mostly because my throat was Itchy and Tracy’s pita chips helped to mangle it enough to satisfy me. Then the bowls of spaghetti, […]

Food log, sunday: Breakfast: Ate the 2 pitas and cream cheese. Might have messed up on the measurement a tiny bit. I should really find a way to accurately weigh my sauces and spreads without having to finger things out of the tablespoon measure. How I felt: At first like this would be a big […]

By the way I realize some of these get a bit ubiquitous, just realize it’s my brain vomit to put it nicely. Just trying to keep myself accountable butyouknowhowitis. Anyhow….again. Guess who went over on the proteeeein? That’d be me. Meaty hijinks again. I’m practically on the Atkins diet without realizing it! But, new shit: […]


In: Food Expirimentation, Thoughts and rants

Argh, it is so damned hard to not eat so much protein. Apparently it’s just the sort of thing thats really helping me though, but on Sparkpeople I always tend to go above and beyond the call. I  just have trouble’s a plenty getting full on vegetables, lotsa fruits have too many damned simple carbs […]

Like very good. 756 calories so far. Using the rest on salad and salmon. Had a half serving of Udon in miso soup, falafel in pita with middle eastern yogurt and pita and an exact serving of Genisoy chips. oh, and a chicken tender. Oh, walked 56 minutes briskly (In the cold!), did .5 miles […]

…all night long.

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