On a whim while posting to a Sparkpeople forum about what my biggest issue is.

Basically, during the week while escorting, the Fundies piss me off so much that I instinctually want McDonald’s breakfast. Some sort of comfort food that ruins my caloric success of the day. Alongside this, I end up not eating -before- I go out and come back from the clinic absolutely ravenous. Painfully so…

Seems I am going to have to invest in more puddy/Jello/yogurt or maybe even Cliff Bars to combat this issue. Or I could create my own bars, hell I dunno lol. I also need to get back in to food planning, but there has to be a way to make it strictly timed and not so confusing to plan. Sometimes I just dont have a taste for whats scheduled or I am too lethargic to go through the motions of cooking it.

My other issue: SLOWING THE FUCK DOWN WHEN EATING. Portion control and speed eating are major problems in this journey. I spend so much time cooking, but am such a mindless eater!  Any meal I make is gone within 5 or 10 minutes. Just vanished. I was raised around athletes and soldiers in my family so loooots of fast eaters. As the Tomboy, I learned to eat from them. How the hell do I slow this shit down? I also get really anxious about people watching me eat, so I do it fast and try to get it over with.

3:   I like cooking. I want to enjoy my food, not over eat it, savor it and have it be “clean”.

Lot harder than it sounds! So far I reaaally think I like having a smoothie for breakfast. Lately when I wake up the thought of food either irritates or sickens me for some weird reason. A smoothie hits me right at home nutritionally and consciously. I’m so sticking with liquid breakfasts. Maybe I’ll work a snack in of wheat bagel and cream cheese. I dunno.

Welp. Time to plan out my new eating habits.

Oh! New/extremely accurate bathroom scale coming in the mail within a week! BOOYAH!