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I’m completely exhausted. It could be because I have over slept but I think that I really just need more sleep. Lately I have been stressed out and busy and last night I got home from school, helped my mother with fire wood and then went and slept until dinner time and slept again afterwards. I got up for about thirty minutes after that just so that my boyfriend could make it home by his curfew (sucks being teenagers!) and then went back to sleep again and didn’t get up until I had to get ready for school.

Today I plan to go home and try to stay awake as long as I can and then crash. Bad plan but whatever. I originally planned to stay after so that I could get help with my AP Statistics class but Im blowing everything off until after next week. From there, who knows what will really happen. I have to reorganize everything for my classes and do my homework for the last three weeks.

Has anyone ever been so annoyed by people that you just want to get up and slap them? Im having real bad anger issues today. Worse than I normally do. How does anyone handle such rage and hatred for certain people? I think that my irritation levels are going to cause such weight gain that I wont be able to pick up a laptop and blog because I will be so embarrassed!

Anyway, Im pretty distracted. I can’t seem to focus on anything but sleep. I haven’t even been able to blog lately. And thats one of my easy tasks. Oh well right?

Ugh, everyone go out and enjoy the day. Im going to go watch Law & Order SVU and try to focus on something.

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  1. RolyPolyPrincess on February 16, 2012 3:14 pm

    It’s too great that you mentioned these anger and rage issues today. I had a similar situation today…

    I had just taken a super brutal Psycometrics exam. Like… so bad. If I didn’t know any better I’d say I studied from the wrong text book or something. Blah. So anyway. After the exam, I was waiting in the hall for my next class with a guy that’s in both the class I had the exam in and my next class. He was blabbing about how awesome he *knows* he did on the exam and how great he is altogether and how all these classes are so lame and suuuuuch a breeze. WELL, seeing as how I was feeling pretty shitty about my test and was just all around defeated, I really just wanted to walk over and smack him in the mouth. I mean, it’s awesome when you think you do well… but let’s be a little more contentious about others around us and NOT say things to make them feel like total idiots!!

    Grrr. Sorry I ranted on your blog! haha Just wanted you to know you are DEFINITELY not alone here. Your source of anger might be different, but we totally wanna handle it in the same way. Some good old fashioned pain in the face. lol

    Other than that tho, I hope things get better for you! Stress has a way of just obliterating our body’s natural rhythms. I say sleep until you start feeling rested… otherwise you might end up in a bad cycle of exhaustion. Not fun.

    Feel better, doll! Things will change with time (:


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