It has been a few days but I am seeing a bit of progress. I weighed in last night at 142lbs. So that is a bit of progress at any rate. I need to avoid the pitfalls of this weekend. Tonight my husband and I are hosting a BBQ for friends, tomorrow I am helping with a stag and doe engagement party for one of my best girls and Sunday I will be celebrating my birthday with my family. These are all occasions with plenty of opportunity to over eat. I do fine when I don’t have anything bad to eat around me. At home my husband and I buy only healthy food and I take healthy meals to work with me for lunch but I have a busy social life and it always seems like there is an excuse to eat poorly or over eat. I need to learn how to have a taste and then back off. I don’t need to stuff my face – even when my friends are.

I have realized that if I didn’t have so many social engagements I would be thin- I wouldn’t trade my life for anything though so I need to make adjustments to my eating habits.