Today has been a pretty positive day. I weighed myself on my home scale this morning and it still says 145. This is fine. I know that I won’t be losing a pound every single day and that in fact this wouldn’t be healthy; however, I am just so sick of being overweight! I want to be thin now! Ugh I know that isn’t how it works.

Today is my last day of holidays before returning to work so I wanted to make sure that I got off to a good start by walking to the gym this morning. When I arrived I found out it was still closed for the holidays opening tomorrow. Oh well, instead of just going home to relax I went home grabbed the dog and took him for an hour long power walk. At least if I can’t get my workout in I can get some exercise to make up for it and the dog was happy.

Anyways I have eaten really well today thus far and I am hoping to keep this up for the rest of the day. I have decided that posting on here everyday is going to be a really positive thing for me during this journey. I will feel like If I have to come on here and confess my food “sins” then I will think twice about making them. Recording everything will help keep me accountable.