I am back! I actually lost the password and login for this blog for awhile so I couldn’t post! Although to be honest I didn’t look too hard for them! I haven’t gotten anywhere, actually if anything I have just backtracked a bunch. I vowed to lose the 20 extra pounds I gained back in June but I ended up gaining about 4 pounds and then I have been working to lose those. Thankfully I am at least down to 144lbs again.

It is going to be tough to recommit this time. It will be particularly difficult to avoid pitfalls over the next few weeks. With Christmas celebrations every other night, new years and a close friend’s birthday I am going to have to stay really focused to lose this weight.

I have 5 day until my next Christmas get together. I also only have one more day of work before the holidays! I vow to work out every day for the next 6 days and eat as cleanly and healthily as possible. Hopefully I can lose 2 pounds before Christmas and get myself back into a routine!

Wish me Luck!