Snow and pea soup!

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Tim Hortons went well…

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Ok so I said I would mention what I had on my high calorie day….

Large steeped tea, long john, triple chocolate cookie, fruit explosion muffin, cinnamon bun and a fruit and yogurt cup….Thats about. 1200 calories in one meal!! Holy crap!

Ahhh, well it wasnt a cheat it was a choice. On ward weight loss!

Prepare for a binge, Tim Hortons style.

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So the good news is, I am going riding with a great friend today and its my high calories day so I get to splurge a little! In the spirit of high calorie days, I enjoy Tim Hortons, so what’s in going to be? A large double double and a muffin? A donut? Oooohhhh a long John yes! Timbits?

Veggies for breakfast?

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I wanted to try something new for breakfast and incorporate a serving of veggies, two problems: I hate eggs in the morning and I hate veggies all day. However this mushroom omlette wasn’t to bad.

*not my image