So its been good…

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I have been a little for dedicated to the gym and calorie cycling this week. No gym today but I am going to go for a walk this evening. I have my first weigh in since December on Monday and I am really nervous. I dont feel like I have changed alot.

So I had dance peformances this past week…

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I stayed at a friends, no gym, no healthy food, hardly any sleep and a lot of drama and to top it all off, ate shitty this weekend aswell. I am so disgusted with myself, I want to cry. Why does my mind always say to myself, eat this? Im not giving up but I just get sick of restarting, so on the this night I swear, I will take care of myself. I will stop eating for taste. I will start eating for nutrients. I wont let my mind bully my body into overeating. I wont let my family and friends tell me what to eat or not to eat. I will do this for me. So i can be proud of MYSELF.

SSOOOOOOO, I need to restart, fresh slate. Gym tomorrow, upperbody and 15 minute run. No bullshit. No excuses. Lets do this.

Breakfast: 1 egg and a peice of toast

Lunch: Tea, apple and yogurt

Snack: A peice of fruit or a vegtable

Dinner: rice noodles, meat, vegtables


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This is all I have to say about yesterdays eating…

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Snow and pea soup!

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You win some, you lose some

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 So today wasnt the best eating wise, I woke up starving and I seemed to of ate all day! Ah well still think I end up around 1800 calories for the day, but not of healthy food. Had a great workout at the gym and it was lower body! Tomorrow will be better.


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First let me point out girls with abs are hot!! No homo. Anyways I think its going to be very tough to get abs like her just do to where I keep my weight. But why shouldnt i try? Oh yea I am also totally fine with a flat stomach.

Tim Hortons went well…

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Ok so I said I would mention what I had on my high calorie day….

Large steeped tea, long john, triple chocolate cookie, fruit explosion muffin, cinnamon bun and a fruit and yogurt cup….Thats about. 1200 calories in one meal!! Holy crap!

Ahhh, well it wasnt a cheat it was a choice. On ward weight loss!

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I need this! I love camo! I also need to learn how to crop images on my iPad. *sigh*

Prepare for a binge, Tim Hortons style.

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So the good news is, I am going riding with a great friend today and its my high calories day so I get to splurge a little! In the spirit of high calorie days, I enjoy Tim Hortons, so what’s in going to be? A large double double and a muffin? A donut? Oooohhhh a long John yes! Timbits?

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