Living in the moment

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“We have a real life of our own.

Yes, we do.

That empty feeling, that sense that everyone except us has a life – an important life, a valuable life, a better life – is a remnant from the past. It is also a self-defeating belief that is inaccurate.

We are real. So is our life. Jump into it, and we’ll see.

Today, I will live my life and treasure it as mine.” 

 -Melody Beattie

I read this today and it went right into my heart.  I only have today.  I don’t know about tomorrow.  The grass may be greener somewhere else, but I am here.  What I do today matters.  I make a difference. That’s powerful!  It’s good to be living in the moment.

Tuesday’s positive…

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  • The season changing to fall is so refreshing!! Thr crisp morning air…ahhhh!

As the season changes this year I have lots to be thankful for! Good health – and improving each day.  A happy family.  Our finances falling into place as we work HARD to attack our debts. And so much more.  Last year at this time I remember how I was struggling, emotionally,financially and physically.  I never want to be in the state of mind again.  No matter what life throws at me.  I’m worth taking care of.

Positive Thoughts & Self Talk

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Our actions are inspired by our thoughts. 

 Over the past few months I’ve become more aware of my thought patterns – how listening to negative thoughts can tear down my strength and resolution.  And how simply turning up the volume on thankfulness changes my whole view of life. 

I’m making a very conscious decision to engage in positive self talk.  I’m trying to treat myself as I would treat a dear friend.  It’s been a big transition to treat myself this way.   For so many years I focused on the negative internally – while *appearing* optimistic and happy to others.  And a lot of that was negativity about my body weight and relationship with food.  Not just my body and food though.  As a mother to 2 little girls I am determined to get this right.  I’ve spent too many years being negative about everything from the weather to my stomach to my little toenails!  I never want them to hear me talk negatively about my body.  I want to model healthy exercise behavior.  And show them a healthy relationship with food.  And above all else, be a genuinely happy and thankful woman!

I am going to attempt to log on here at least every day and write down 1 positive about my life, body, surroundings…anthing!

  • I have a strong body.  A. Really. Strong. Body.  I love weight training!


Going out strong…

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My plan is to finish up 2008 strong.  I started strong.  I lost over 40 pounds but now since July have been bouncing around within a 5 pound range.  I’m done with that.  From one perspective it’s nice to know that I can maintain my loss.  I haven’t had any major  blow-out binges.  But, on the other hand, I’m no where near a weight that is healthy for me to maintain!  So, the journey must continue.  As it will for the rest of my life.  I’d love to lose another 40 pounds to finish out this year…but I’m not setting any goals in stone.  I have shared this desire with Josh, my personal trainer, and he is upping the intensity on my workouts.  This isn’t the magic solution though.  It’s my food!  Mostly being conscious about amounts I need to commit to recording on again.  It works great and it’s such a valuable tool for me when I use it.  So, I started that again today and I need to do it tomorrow.  Once I do it for a few days it becomes natural.  TBL challenge starts up again next week on 3FC and I’m excited about that also.  It’s a fun challenge.  So, I’m back in the saddle, or up on the Step Mill in this case, and going to work hard to stay on plan!!

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