My quest for health, strength and fitness.

Well, my niece got an invite to go to Summerfest with one of her co-trainers.  So that works out well since I’m in too much pain to take her.  Hopefully, this person won’t drink too much so they’ll be able to drive her to our house.  I could use a relaxing evening.  DMIL is fixing a roast for me and DH.  :drool:

I’m still a little annoyed or hurt that when I brought up Summerfest, she wasn’t too into it…and she said she didn’t want to see Kanye West.  But when her co-worker invites her…then she’s thrilled she got Kanye tickets.  Whateva. Maybe it’s just not cool to go with your 50 yr old aunt who has to use a walker.  True…that wouldn’t be cool.  Oh well…someday, I’ll be able to walk and fest!

I’m so looking forward to having 5 days off (Friday through Tuesday).  Just 5 more hours until the long weekend starts!!

I seriously need a few days to decompress, and I need to get over this hurt feeling…and also get over feeling like I need to entertain/impress Jennie to gain Nancy’s approval.  🙁

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As if it weren’t enough to be in pain and also exhausted (like I could sleep for a week), I also feel guilty about not including DMIL in the activity planning so we ended up with stuff this weekend to do with Jennie that DMIL didn’t want to do or couldn’t do.  Now I think she feels awful.  I want to take her out to dinner as a peace offering…but I’m not sure she’s interested.    And I feel guilty about being too sore and tired to take Jennie to Summerfest.  Of course, it does tick me off a bit that when I suggested it, she wasn’t interested, but when she saw the commercials and heard the MPS teachers raving about it, now she’s interested.  And I’m too sore and to exhausted to take her.  dammit. 

And I’ve got PT this afternoon, and I really don’t want to go.  I’m too tired to work out….so maybe I’ll just stretch.  As much as I’m looking forward to having 5 days in a row off for 4th of July weekend, I’m also looking forward to next week when I’ll have a bit more time to work on my rehab. 

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