Gotta stay focused

I’m going to be eating out at lunch and supper today. And then I’m eating ‘out’ for breakfast, lunch, and supper tomorrow. And supper Saturday. So this is all a bit of a challenge for me, especially because the odds are that I won’t be able to squeeze in the gym today — and definitely not tomorrow.

Will weigh in tomorrow, and that will help my focus.

B: apple, bran buds, activia light yogurt; coffee with milk

Sn: almonds, green tea

L: maybe tomato soup and grilled cheese? check their menu

Sn: plan for something healthy this time, even if it’s a cup of yogurt!!!!

S: plan would be a salad at Panera’s, if I can convince the BF.

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Moving: Gym after work: 15 mins on bike (Expresso route); 2×10 leg press @ 85′ (I need to figure out how to adjust the damn machine); 3×10 hammer curls @ 7.5

B: coffee w/milk; bran buds w/skim milk

Sn: coffee w/milk

L: Wedding soup; handful of nuts/raisins

Sn: no plan…. annnnnd: what did I do? Ate a huge brownie. With icing. Why? I was angry and tired.

S: chicken breast poached in IPA, potato, lettuce, a little cab


Bedtime note: very hungry. Didn’t eat — the memory of that brownie kept me in check!

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Walked in quickly (35 mins), included steps; walked back to BJ’s (~20 mins)

B: blueberries/apples/raisin bran from crockpot, w/4 oz Greek plain yogurt; coffee w/milk

Sn: oatmeal cookie w/raisins; coffee w/milk

L: power bar (I know, I know)

S: plan is chicken breast poached in beer, with thai seasonings and a potato; plus green salad and red wine

That was the plan.

Reality: Supper with BF: salmon salad, Pgh style (so yeah, french fries and cheese), chianti


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Day One

W:  142.something

Plan: Just do it.


B (7 AM): from crockpot: one apple, 1/2 c bran buds; added 1/2 c plain greek yogurt; coffee w/whole milk.

Sn (10 AM): skim cafe au lait

L: flatbreaqd turkey sandwich at the library

Sn: none

S plan: leftover stew — lentils, sweet potato, tofu sausage, tomatoes over brown rice; red wine if I’ve got it (I didn’t — so had 4 oz IPA)

Sn: OJ diluted with lemon club soda


10 mins elliptical

2×10 leg press 85′

3×10 bicep curls 10′

3×30 balance on left leg/roku ball

15 mins treadmill, 3.5 mph


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Try, Try Again

(1) OK, have now set this blog to no comments. Go away, trolls and spammers!

(2) What will I do today to take better care of myself? Keep trying!

B (7 AM): Greek yogurt, half a peach, handful of kashi; coffee with half-and-half

Sn (12 PM): Kashi TLC dark chocolate coconut fruit grain bar: 120 cals, 30 fat cals, 4 g fiber, 4 g protein, 7g sugar



6:30 AM Casual walk with dog in the run: ~1 mile

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Dang Trolls

Anyone else having problems with commenting-trolls? I just delete them all, but it makes me think of this site with dread because that chore is always involved.

Just set the settings from public to no-search-engines in case that helps….

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New Day

So today has been all one mad rush, but here’s where I stand so far…. Would like to have walked home, but ran to the bus (which was then late) and didn’t grab my sneaks. Wonder if I can walk home in the rain with my slacks pinned up to my knees and vibrams on my feet?

B (8 AM): coffee w/half and half; chai w/skim milk; cherry yoplait

L (1 PM): 2 deli slices turkey, lofat swiss, on 2 slices white bread


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I Did It!

Walked the half — 13.1 mi — in less than 3 1/2 hours! It rained the whole time, but that was probably a good thing. What a great experience. I’m looking forward to doing it again, despite how exhausted and sore I feel today!

In case I need to remember next year: I ate salmon/rice/spinach (and a glass of wine) for supper the night before. Breakfast was a banana, tall glass of water, and a little coffee. I packed energy bar things for the walk, but didn’t use any of them: grabbed gatorade and water at every hydration station and a goo gel at the Nugo stop (disgusting taste, but it helped). Put Icy-Hot on my calves before I walked, and my calves are fine. My hips, however…. Oy.

So last week and this weekend I was not tracking food or exercise much, just trying to listen to my body. Ditto today. But tomorrow I need to be conscientious again and get back on track.

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Let there be light! and heat!

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz….

B (7 AM): coffee w/half and half; Greek yogurt w/kashi and blueberries

Sn: skim milk chair

L (12 PM): chicken salad

Sn (4 PM): 10 almonds, water



walked in to work, coming UP the stairs. Had to stop twice. So that may be a new goal, post-marathon: walk all the way AND keep walking the whole way up those lonnnng steep steps behind the FFA.

might walk home.

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5 Days

Half-marathon is in 5 days (I’m walking it). I’m starting to get a little excited/nervous now that it’s close! Walked about 8 miles yesterday, which has been my longest walk so far, and everything went well. I’m not going to set any time records, but my goal is to do it: to finish, to finish under my own power (bad knee, asthma, and all), and to finish under 4 hours. I want to have an experience and to have fun while I”m experiencing!

In the meantime, I’m up yet another pound. While I wouldn’t say that i’ve been dieting, I’ve been eating carefully and moving a lot. Danced at the reception, did a 3 mile walk from the hotel, etc. I have to trust the process, I guess.

This week, because of the upcoming 13 mi walk, I’m not going to worry about limiting my food quantity, but will try to focus on eating healthfully and staying loose.

B (7 AM): lite vanilla yogurt w/blueberries and kashi; coffee with half-and-half

L (1 PM): Dunkin Donuts veggie eggwhite flatbread (yum), water

S (6:30 PM): meeting at which I’m to be roped into pizza, so will keep it to one slice and not stress. [Update: OK, two slices. But I didn’t succumb to the soda pop.]


Hopped off the bus on the Blvd and walked in (~.75 mi).


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