Keep on keepin’ on

Weight: 162.6

I can see the 150s!!! I can’t remember the last time I was this close! SO CLOSE!! When I’m down in the 150s I’ll start to feel more human again. Most of my old clothes will fit. In 10 lbs, I’ll be back in my 8s and closing in on my 6s. Ah… this feels manageable.

The raw vegan thing is totally working for me. I was sickish yesterday. I think I was starting to come down with what my kids had. I definitely ran a fever off and on. I kept getting chills. I passed on all exercise and it rained throughout the day, so no sunshine therapy was to be had. I went home from work and straight to bed. I did update the Marathon Mommy blog, so you can read that stuff in more detail there.

I woke up feeling all better this morning. Yay! I did my workout, showered, dressed and am now enjoying my morning smoothie. Well, enjoying might be too strong a word with this one. Drinking is more accurate. I didn’t blend it up enough, or my blender can’t completely break down the kale, I’m not sure which. But there’s definitely some bits of kale still in there. Not so tasty. It’s got banana, strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. But they’re not quite enough to mask the kaleness. It’s ok, though. I’m still drinking it. I’ll just pair it with some other fruit next time. I bought dandelion greens last night too. I’ll probably try those either tonite or tomorrow. I’ve been drinking two green smoothies a day and I think I’m going to go back to just one in the morning. It makes a really great breakfast.

Can we say ALLERGIES?

Weight: I don’t care (well, I do care but extenuating circumstances make it all messed up)

Remember how last week I said TOM was here. Well, he only stayed for a few hours and then promptly left the premises. Which I’ve only had happen a couple other times in my life, and both times was because I was pregnant. NOT THIS TIME! I don’t know what happened, but he took off for a week and guess who’s back?! I have bad back cramps and feel all bloaty. UGH. So I’m indulging myself and not working out this morning, but staying snuggled up in bed instead. In a bit, I’m going to take a nice long hot shower before I leisurely get ready for work. As long as I’m in by 9, I’m happy. And it’s not quite 7:30 now.

Oh, and my allergies are in HIGH GEAR. Nice combo. At least we have power (it came back on yesterday after a couple of hours, the kids lived!) However, it’s still cloudy and overcast here. Doom and gloom. Boo!

Last night, I had my first green smoothie. And it was GOOD! I’ll be having a different one every day. Last night’s had bananas, blackberries and spinach. Doesn’t that sound like the worst combo ever?! But you can’t taste the spinach at all, so it really just tasted like bananas and blackberries. And that is good. A little seedy, but I didn’t mind.

I’m going to make a strawberry, mango & spinach one this morning to have on the way in to work. I need to buy a good travel cup to take it in everyday. One that holds 32 oz since it generally makes around 30 oz.

The two youngest are home sick again today, though it’s just to give them a last day of rest and because I don’t want to send them out in rainy, cold weather when they’re still sick. They both have a virus. Sean has a double ear infection and Skye has fluid in one ear that may or may not become infected. There’s no way to tell, or prevent it. That sucks! It’s just wait and see with her. Sean’s on antibiotics. I needed to get new prescriptions for him for his asthma meds and his epi-pens had expired. So I got a lot accomplished with that one visit. And both their lungs sound clear, so that’s good news too!

Guess I better get myself in gear!

For detailed stats, you can check out my Marathon Mommy blog.

Springtime Focus Goals

Here are my goals for the Springtime Focus Group Thingy:

1. Stick to a 100% Raw Vegan Diet

2. Exercise 6 days a week/rest 1 day

3. Sunshine Therapy daily (weather permitting/cooperating) aka walk outside

4. Sleep minimum 7 hours a night (children permitting!)

5. Do something “nice” for myself weekly (shopping, movie, manicure, etc…)

6. Track food, exercise & weight daily

These are all things I’ve been doing since May 10th. On Mondays I’ll post a weekly check-in.

Oh Monday, Why Must You Be So Difficult?

Weight: 163.6

I got very little sleep last night. Sean has an ear infection and cried/whimpered half the night. Even with pain meds. Both he and Skye have low-grade fevers and persistent coughs. They took turns coughing ALL NIGHT LONG! They both finally stopped… at 5 a.m. Yeah, right when my alarm goes off. I hit snooze and didn’t get up til after 6. I still did my 45 on the elliptical and just after I got out of the shower, the power went out! I called PG&E when it didn’t come on after a few minutes. Oh, it’s going to be out til at least 11:15. REALLY? Are you kidding me??!! I still had to go to work, and so I had to leave poor Cali home with two sick kids and no power. Oh, and it’s overcast and raining. And cold. AWESOME! My laptop is fully charged and has a good battery so they should be able to watch a couple of movies on it.

Oh, and I couldn’t make my first green smoothie this morning ’cause no power means no blender.

This is seriously harshing my groove!

Day 7

Weight: 164.2

Sorry I’ve missed posting here the past couple of days. Life has been busy and I have too many blogs to manage! If you absolutely are just dying to know about the last two days, you can catch up on my Marathon Mommy blog.

My 6 year old and I spent yesterday at the zoo. Other than buying her an ice cream sandwich, we ate only the food I brought. For her, I had animal crackers, fruit snacks and granola bars. And we both shared a big bag of dehydrated fruit: banana, apple & pear slices. I had a bowl of strawberries and a banana on the way in the car for breakfast. I ate a few too many banana chips and started to not feel so hot around 2. We left just before 4, zoo closing. Skye crashed in the car, so I drove straight home and dropped her off before hitting the grocery store for salad fixings for my dinner. By that time I was starving, and desperately needed some VEGGIES!! I got romaine, avocado, a roma tomato, lime, white corn on the cob… I think that’s everything. I came home and made the biggest salad I have ever seen! I used the whole head of romaine! We have white onions, so I chopped up a tiny one and threw it in too. The lime was DRY. I have never encountered that before! I couldn’t get a drop out of it! WTH?! I ended up having to squirt some lemon juice on it which is NOT the same thing. I ended up sprinkling on garlic powder, salt and pepper. Not really my first choice, but I sure didn’t feel like going back to the store at this point. The salad was great and I ate until I could NOT eat anymore. It took me about an hour (I watched The Proposal on Netflix Instant. Love that movie!!) and then I was just UGH. No More!!!

My calories for yesterday were right on: 1004. Fat was a little high, but that’s because I put a whole small avocado in the salad instead of just a half like I usually do.

I have to work today, so it will be my usual routine. I was supposed to workout last night but I was just too exhausted and I knew I’d barely be able to even go through the motions. I was determined to work out this morning, but when I woke up my arms and legs felt like spaghetti. So I opted for more sleep instead. I figure after yesterday, my body still needs it. I will definitely workout today. And I’m getting my Sunshine Therapy in today for sure. It’s supposed to rain all next week so I’ve got to stock up while I can! I hope the sun makes at least brief visits during the week. I don’t know if I can go a whole week without it!!

Guess I better wake up the boys and hit the shower. Time to start another day.

Day 4 of doin’ it RAW!

Weight: 166.0

Things are going really well right now. I can deal with curveballs much easier, I don’t feel so stressed. And most importantly: I DON’T FEEL LIKE CRAP ALL THE TIME!

That last part is the best part of all!!

Oh, and my clothes are all fitting better! Just in time for the really warm weather. I don’t have to hide under hoodies anymore (though I do love my hoodies!!)

And I love my food! I look forward to it. The big bowl of fruit every morning feels like a treat – And my salad is the most delicious concoction! I was telling my mom that the other day I had a craving for celery and hummus. I think she gagged a little! 😀 I don’t get my eating preferences from my mother, that’s for sure! She hates most fruits and veggies. We only had canned or frozen growing up. Rarely fresh. And I grew up in San Jose when it was still a lot of orchards! Seriously not like there wasn’t an abundance of fresh produce. Her idea of a salad is Iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion and drown it in thousand island dressing. She HATES cucumber & celery! If its’ in the salad, she won’t even bother to pick it out. She won’t eat it at all. She says it ruins it! My mom has weird food tastes. She likes things a certain way and that is IT. And she is not open to trying new foods. At All! I told her it’s our rebellion that we kids all LOVE fruits and veggies. My sister has the same food preferences as I do (though she’s not a vegan or into all raw foods.) She loves big salads and lots of fruit. She and her husband are VERY health conscious.

Ah, mothers. I could go on and on!! I still love mine! She’s my own, crazy mom! And I’ve grown up to be just like her in my own way. There are worse things. I can’t think of what they might be… HAHA!!

She came with me on our Sunshine Therapy walk. We’ve sped up so we can do it in 20 minutes instead of 25! It feels good to be out and moving in the sun! I really look forward to it (do I say the same thing like every day?! Maybe the Alzheimers is setting in early!)

I did my 45 minutes on the elliptical this morning and I’ll hit it again tonite. Tomorrow is my rest day, though I’ll still do my Sunshine Therapy.

Today is also sweet little Skye’s 6th birthday! And we are having a family get-together at my parents house. Just for cupcakes… and presents, of course! I’m going to swing by in a bit to do some light decorating. Just festive things up a bit.

Busy busy day!

One More Satanic Weigh-in

Weight: 166.6

I can say that I’m starting to really feel better. My weight is now solidly back down in the 160s, which is still high but I feel like I’ve got a solid handle on it. And it means that I’m only 20 lbs up from my lowest weight instead of 30+ which just sounds SO HORRIBLE! 20 lbs is managable. And only 16 lbs from 150 – my “running” weight. I’m hoping that if I keep working really hard and stay focused, I can start marathon training Monday, July 5th. I’ll have just gotten back from a vacation in LA and will be ready to jump in!

Work yesterday was crazy busy and we had people go home sick so were super short staffed to boot. I didn’t get my Sunshine Therapy in AND I missed my afternoon snack. My calories were really low, so I need to do better and “fixing” that when it happens. I ended up with barely 800.

Today should go much smoother (famous last words!)

Sweet Sweet Success – day 2

Weight: 167.2 (originally I typo’d and left out the decimal point! One little dot makes a whole lotta difference!!)

I finally got it together and updated my Marathon Mommy blog. I’ll be posting in more detail there. I also finally updated the Mommy in Real Life blog (hey, when I get my shit together, I get it ALL together! 😀 )

Yesterday went well and today is off to a great start! My exercise is on schedule and my food is no effort! I love fruit and we are just swinging into summer fruit season! When the weather is warm, I crave lots of sweet fruit and big salads. Our farmer’s market is supposed to be up and running, I’ll find out after work today. The rains have gone and I’m looking forward to my lunchtime Sunshine Therapy session!

RAW – day 1

Weight: 168.4

I was expecting worse, what with all the salt from the chips and salsa yesterday! Oh yeah, I didn’t resist that very well. I think I ate the equivalent of two whole baskets myself!! We had to wait a LONG time before our order was taken and then it took forever for our food to arrive! And I skipped breakfast (unintentially) so I was STARVING. Not a great combo! I had the Santa Fe Chopped Salad which was delish, but also full of sodium! It had grilled chicken and bacon in it – so adious to both of those. I think it had cheese too, but I don’t remember. According to The Daily Plate nutritional stats, it had 681 calories. Which makes it one of the lightest things on the menu! Also according to The Daily Plate, the chips had 860 calories!!! Yeah, awesome! The chips weren’t nearly as filling as the salad, I could have eaten like 20 baskets. They were so light and delectable! AND ADDICTIVE!!!

I didn’t eat anything for the rest of the day (I was STUFFED) which included nothing at the movie. Oh, and didn’t end up getting in to Letters to Juliet. People showed up and grabbed up all the tickets at 10am!!! The movie was at 3 and with these FREE sneak previews I didn’t think you could do that. It seemed really unfair. So we ended up seeing The Losers instead. And it was AWESOME!!! We all LOVED it! So it ended up being a good turn of events.

When I got home, I did 90 minutes on the elliptical to help make up for lunch! Oh, it hurt but I felt really good. Then I collapsed in bed and died.


I’m having clementines for breakfast and in a while I’ll have some celery with hummus for a snack. I know that hummus is not “raw” but I still have some and until the replacement part for my blender comes, I’m going to eat it occasionally. So I’ll be 95% raw instead of 100%. Lunch will be in the early afternoon and consist of a big salad containing spring mix, grape tomatoes, chopped red onions, avocado, corn (cut off the cob) and some lime juice. It was what I was eating last week and let me tell you, it is to DIE for! I’ll probably have clementines for my afternoon snack because I don’t have anything else here now. If I can hit the grocery store during lunch, I’ll pick up mangoes and whatever else is on sale or reasonably priced. I think our Farmers Market has picked up again. It’s April/May thru October on Tuesdays from 4-8 pm in downtown which is right on my way home. I’m hoping so. I’d really prefer to buy my weekly produce there if possible! I’ll find out tomorrow. If not, there’s a year round one in San Rafael on Sunday mornings, but that’s like 10 minutes away in the opposite direction of my house. Not nearly as convenient.

ACK – I keep getting interrupted with work. Dammit! How am I supposed to get all my personal stuff done! I’ll update later today when I get more time.

Happy Mother’s Day, y’all!

Weight: 168.4

I’ve officially lost 10 pounds since I got back from the cruise on the 20th! That’s 10 pounds in 19 days!! Not too shabby! Especially since they’ve really started falling off in the last week.

Other than a light yogurt, I was completely raw yesterday (well, that doesn’t sound right!) I’m totally into doing this 95% starting Monday. I really enjoy hummus which is not raw, so that’s the 5%. I LOVE to snack on celery dipped in hummus, so I keeping that. I may eventually eliminate it, but for now, like I said yesterday, it’s my rules and I can do what I want! I feel SO healthy and light. I love it!

I did double exercise duty yesterday: 45 minutes on the elliptical both morning and night. And then that 25 minute walk at lunchtime, which I’ve really come to love and look forward to. Good news is, my mom loves it too. I didn’t have to drag her out yesterday! When I said “Let’s Go!” she was all “OK!” Ha! First time she didn’t try to come up with a lame excuse. Probably cause she knows I won’t let her get away with it!! My stepdad thanked me for doing it, he’s been trying to get her out and moving in the evening, but she fights him. I just won’t let her!!

Today I am meeting my mom and sister for lunch (and bringing my oldest daughter) and then we are heading to a sneak preview of Letters to Juliette which I scored free tix for! I’ll let y’all know what I think of it. I love Amanda Seyfried, she is adorable. And I adore Vanessa Redgrave! Excellent cast!

We’re having lunch at Chevy’s. I’ll avoid the chips and salsa cause I haven’t eaten anything like that lately and I think it could kill me!! HAHA!! And I’ll probably have a big salad. I may have grilled shrimp on it, but I haven’t decided yet. I also may just have it with guacamole and pico de gallo. Mmmmm….

And I’ll just be bringing my water bottle into the movie. Sounds like I’m getting a jump on the raw foody thing, but like I said before, I tend to eat like this anyway. It’s a pretty natural fit.

I am debating exercising this morning. Only because it’s Mother’s day and I’m feeling lazy. But I’ll probably get up in a while and do it anyway. Cause I deserve it! 😀

Everyone have a GREAT Mother’s Day!!