Big Changes are in the air

Weight: 167.8

Considering what I’ve been eating lately, I’m grateful its not higher. I’m back in control today, I did a pre-emptive food shopping for the week and I am prepared.

Unfortunately, I’m having to give up the raw vegan lifestyle for now. Even though I LOVED it, I just can’t afford it. It costs minimum $2-3 a day for fruit for breakfast. Whereas, I picked up a loaf of raisin cinnamon bread for $1.50 that will last me all week. My salads were averages a couple of dollars a day too. Plus fruit and veggies for snacks. I figured my daily expenditures were upwards of $7-8 FOR JUST ME!! If I buy a frozen entree ($1) for lunch, a yogurt for a snack ($.50) A can of pringes that will last for several days ($1.00 divided by however many days) that loaf of raisin bread I figured out I can get 8 breakfasts out of ($1.50 divided by 8) and well, I’m spending around $2 a DAY! And the calories, the same as with all the expensive fruit. One thing that surprised me: Banquet frozen entrees are almost always on sale for a $1 each (today they were buy four get one free, so I got 5 for $4!!!) but I have never bought them in the past because I always buy the Lean Cuisine or Healthy Choice or whatever. Well, I looked at the calorie content and its EXACTLY THE SAME as the more expensive “diet” brands!! I’m sure it’s probably higher in fat, but really??? Same exact calories? I feel like I’ve been ripped off all these years!

Ok, so the reason for super tightening the financial belt. After nearly a year of deliberating, I’ve finally made the decision to move. To Minnesota. I know, sounds crazy. But the cost of living out here is insane and my parents’ businesses are slowly going under. My mom pays my insanely high rent as part of my salary, but I have a feeling the day is going to come in the not too distant future when she’s going to tell me that they just can’t afford it anymore and I need to move to a cheaper place. Or worse, in with her and my stepdad. Which isn’t horrible since they have a huge house with a full apartment built in downstairs. But moving back in with my parents at my age with the kids… just not something I’m willing to do at this point. Also, I work for my mom (and help out with my stepdad’s business too. When I say my parents, I mean both of them. My father is deceased.) As her business is sinking, she’s having to lay off more and more people. I’m worried that she’ll delay closing it altogether in part because she’s worried about me having a job. I don’t want me to be a consideration. She and my stepdad need to do what is in their best interests financially. I don’t want them to further jeopardize their financial health out of a sense of obligation and responsibility to me.

And it’s time. It’s time for me to move on and stand completely on my own two feet again. I was here far longer than I anticipated. For a long time I felt trapped here. Part of it was that I promised my two oldest that once we moved here, we wouldn’t move again until they had graduated. That they would get to graduate from their high school with their friends. My daughter graduated last year and my son graduates on Friday. My third child starts high school next year. It’s the perfect timing for him. He is slated to go to a different high school from most of his friends, so he’d be starting over anyway in some respects.

One of my very best girlfriends lives there and she has sort of sold me on it. I need a cheap place to live and it definitely qualifies. I get child support for my two youngest, which gives me a base income to live on. We could get by with me working a part-time job. So I could be home when the kids are home. Sean has struggled this year, it’s getting worse each year. He’s fallen so far behind he has no hope of catching up unless I do something drastic. My friend’s son is also autistic and he is flourishing in their school system. Sean needs me at home. They all do. Even my 14 year old is on board for moving if it means I’ll be home more. That’s huge!!

I haven’t told my family yet. I feel it’s safe to do so here since I don’t know any of your IRL. But if you are one of my friends on Facebook, please don’t post anything on my wall just yet. I won’t making a formal announcement until early July. I’m aiming the move for the last week of August since they don’t start school there until September 7th (I think, from their website calendar. I’m waiting to hear from my friend to confirm this.) So now I just need to save up money to pay for the move, sell off most of my belongings so I don’t have to drag them more than half way across the country, find a job, find a house to rent, break it to my older kids who very well may chose to not come with me, tell my mom who may totally freak out, wrap up my job at work, and learn how to embrace the snow… which I hate! I do plan on making many trips to the beach this summer and to my parents’ pool. Soak it all in while we can.

I feel really good about this, though. It’s the right move at the right time. I’m mentally and emotionally ready. The fact that my 14 year old is being very positive about it seals the deal for me. He was my biggest worry and he’s totally into it. He hates leaving his friends and wishes we could stay, but totally understands why we can’t. Also, I told him we’d get a dog when we get there! Hey, I’m not above bribes! Every rental I’ve tentatively looked at says “pets ok”. And I’ve been told over and over again that a dog is really good for autistic kids, like a therapy animal. And since Sean isn’t severely allergic (like he is to cats) then a dog is going to happen! Oy vey!!

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  1. Wow! Soundgarden lyrics filled my head “I’m looking California, and feeling Minnesota” oh, yeah… Since you liked Vegan so much, could you try just one meal or two meals of Vegan a day to cut costs? It is hard. I’ve been shopping natural markets, but haven’t really seen cost go up because I”m not buying all the process foods. I’m excited for you to have a fresh start!

  2. You sound MUCH better in this post – like you’ve been struggling with something that is now resolved in your head, which evidently it IS. I think the logic you lay out for moving is really solid on so many fronts – for Sean, for you, for a sense of moving forward in life. It’s a big change & a big undertaking, but you sound really good about it & that is a great thing

    Sounds like vegan is really quite expensive right now for you, and so a switch makes sense. Are you going to continue to try to diet? Doing what – counting calories? Just make sure you move from vegan to some other plan of how you’re going to do it unless you plan to stay on the “jack in the box & stress” diet…. 😉

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  5. If everything is lining up then that means that the time is right for the move. Good luck! 😀

  6. reminds me a bit of a Hudson River School piece..the colors and reflection so soft and warm. Lovely.

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  12. I am happy for you and this new change and adventure that is about to come your way. You have this well thought out and it sounds like it may be a good move for all of you. The schools here in the mid-west are pretty good and have some really good autism programs.
    Yeah vegan food can be really $$$
    Is rice allowed on your GFCF diet? I find that rice and beans with a ton of onions/peppers/garlic is yummy and cheap. So is vegan chili, stew but they are pretty carby.
    Take care

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  14. You are getting so much spam! Geez. I just wanted to say hi and we all miss your posts. Looking forward to hearing how things are going!

  15. I agree you are getting Spammed to death here. I’ve had to delete a number of them in the past few days

    How are you?
    Did you know that this past Sunday was the Paris Marathon? I thought of you!

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