Big Changes are in the air

Weight: 167.8 Considering what I’ve been eating lately, I’m grateful its not higher. I’m back in control today, I did a pre-emptive food shopping for the week and I am prepared. Unfortunately, I’m having to give up the raw vegan lifestyle for now. Even though I LOVED it, I just can’t afford it. It costs […]

Good news!

Weight: don’t know yet, I’ll weigh in a bit and update then But I just wanted to say THANK YOU everyone! I am feeling much better today. I’m not 100% sure if it’s the lack of crap food yesterday or that I really had forgotten my mood stabilizer for two days and finally remembered to […]

So Not Cool

I can feel myself crashing. I feel powerless to stop it. I ended up eating a bunch of crap yesterday: a whole box of crappy cheese crackers from the dollar store that tasted exactly like cheap cheese crackers from the dollar store. Still didn’t stop me from eating the whole damn box! Then a bunch […]

Up, but definitely not OUT!

Weight: ugh… 166 Yeah, I know. This is what happens when you spend three days eating hot dogs, pretzel bites with cheese, ice cream and chips. Oh, I think I had an Eggo in there too. And a couple of diet cokes with rum. It was a good weekend! 😀 But now, I must pay […]