Furry Vengeance Friday

Weight: 172.2 My honeybun’s new movie opens today. Everyone go see it!! The cupcakes are nearly gone and should be but a distant buttercream memory by the time I get home from work today. Though I do feel like I’ve maybe crossed the line into child abuse by letting them eat those things! As for […]


Weight: 173.6 I’m still recovering from the ginormous Costco cupcake I ate the other night – one has 760 calories! I also ate too much garlic bread… and there may or may not have been some popcorn chicken from KFC thrown into the mix. Yeah, not such a stellar day! However, yesterday I was right […]

Slowly but surely

Weight: 172.6 I feel like I am literally prying each pound off my body. Its hard, slow work. And something I’m having to work at every day. But I am determined. I’m feeling better already and it’s tough to look in the mirror and still see the same me looking back! I FEEL different, shouldn’t […]

Letting the Sunshine In

Weight: 173.0 The last two days I have come home from work exhausted, yet still managed to put in 45 minutes on the elliptical before literally collapsing in bed. It’s just through sheer determination that I’ve worked out. I slept for 12 hours last night and 13 hours the night before. My moods been better […]

Hanging in there

Weight: 173.6 Food has been good, however I’ve over done it a bit on the Junior Mints. I really need to lay off ’em for a bit. It doesn’t help that my kids all got together and gave me 20 jumbo boxes of them for my birthday!! They are like twice the size of the […]

Getting back into the swim of things

Weight: 174.2 I let TOM get the best of me this morning and slept in instead of working out. So I’m going to make a point of staying away from my desk as much as possible today and doing more manual labor, get my workout in that way. I’m taking the kids to see Disney’s […]

Back in the saddle

Weight: 175 I woke up this morning feeling empty and light instead of full and heavy. I feel ready for action instead of dreading the day. My mindset is ready to really tackle this. I’ve been in gluttony mode for the past couple of months and even I was sick of it by the end. […]

Oh Em Geee!!!!

Well girls, I had a great birthday. Just got back from the cruise to Cabo. Had a fabulous time! How fabulous? Weight: 178.4 Yeah, WOW! I haven’t seen a number that high since 2007! OUCH!!!! However, FORTY is here and I’m embracing it. Forty is going to be AWESOME! (My new med seems to be […]